5 Free Services to Replace Cable TV

Are there any free services to replace Cable TV? With TiVo, PVR’s and TV tuners, we can see that computers and TV’s are coming together. Unfortunately, these three solutions all cost one important thing: mullah. Whether you’re rolling in it or strapped for it, I’m sure that we can all agree that cash is important: and as much as it pains us, there are times when we have to sacrifice our cash for services such as the gym, magazines, and…yes, cable TV.

Watch Free Internet TV Online

Until lately, I could have considered canceling subscribing to the gym or magazines — but not to cable TV. I don’t know why — perhaps I’m addicted, or perhaps it’s just the TV vibe. I found this unsettling, so I set out on a journey to the land of Internet TV to find free. I return with a list of five for everyone to enjoy — who knows, you might just cut the cable.

cable tv online

  1. Hulu – Hulu is definitely what I’d consider one of the neatest things since sliced bread. I once went on a trip to the U.S. recently, and had the opportunity to try it out: if I hadn’t been careful, I might’ve stayed all day at the hotel just to watch the shows on it! Quality was acceptable, load times were quick, and — best of all, they had The Simpsons. Unfortunately, Hulu’s still only exclusive to residents of the United States.
  2.  AnyTV – Now usually I don’t endorse software that I haven’t personally tried, but I felt compelled to mention this one that I found in PC World – I felt that if it was good enough for them, it’d be good enough for the folks over at QuickOnlineTips.
  3. Fancaster – If Hulu had acceptable quality videos, Fancast’s quality is definitely high-def. Although Hulu is the pioneer and did come first, Fancast is a close number-one contender: the video that I had started actually fit very gracefully onto my 1280x800px monitor by default! However, like Hulu, Fancast is also only available in the United States: which kind of bites for the rest of the world. I’ll throw in two words that I hope don’t get censored: proxy servers.
  4. Miro – Miro is the crown jewel of our five: we definitely saved the best for last. Miro is available to the entire world, and actually, has already been mentioned a couple of times on QuickOnlineTips. I felt the need to bring it back up to do it some justice: you haven’t actually experienced Internet TV until you’ve tried Miro. Quality is excellent, GUI is reminiscent of a PVR, and download speeds are acceptable.
  5.  Joost – Perhaps the most famous of the five, Joost is already pretty popular amongst mainstream crowds. However, I’d still consider it pretty underrated — depending on your region, they’ve got tons of material available for free that your service provider would charge for. However, because Joost streams video, quality might be compromised for waiting time. I’ve given Joost a test run myself, and I’ve found each of its updates to be more and more impressive. If you’ve yet to try it, give it a shot! [Joost shut down in 2012]

There you have it folks — although there are a few more services out there that offer Internet TV, I felt that these five were the ones most worth mentioning. Who knows, if I wandered a bit further into Internet TV territory, I might be able to come back with a few more jewels to share with everyone!

This guest article was written by Herbert Lui from CutEdge.org where he blogs about tech advice, resources, and reviews for the consumer, that will help you buy smarter, think smarter, and know more about products.  


  1. Gorgon says:

    Try out which helped me watch some tv channels while in residence in college.

  2. Cheap Digital Video Camcorders says:

    This is just what I have been looking for, I pay over $120 for cable every month, I will check out the links!

  3. fancastfan says:

    Hi, thanks for noting Fancast. We think our content is second to none and your readers may like to take a look at the amazing library of totally free TV shows – more than 4,500 hours of streaming free full length content, with more than 5,600 episodes from over 100 video providers including top networks like NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and WB – here

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  4. fancastfan says:

    Hi thanks for noting Fancast as a great place to see TV shows (and movies) online and FREE! I’m probably a little biased, but I think it’s one of the best and our content is second to none, especially if you’re trying to find or watch a show that isn’t even on the air anymore, because in addition to current hits like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, 24, The Colbert Report, South park, 30 Rock, CSI, etc., we have a great list of classics, including many of the great old CBS sitcoms of the Golden Era of Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Van Dyke, Bob Newhart, and tons more. We recently debuted a new look, and incorporated a lot of fan suggestions that have come in over the last few months, so I hope you and your readers check us out. And if your readers want to get a quick idea of the amazing library of shows, here’s the list

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  5. Goatse says:

    i tried Joost and it works great

  6. Tidbits Of Tammy says:

    Thanks for this info! I love Hulu and Fancast but did not know about the others. Thanks a bunch.

  7. K says:

    There’s also something called LiveStation, there’s even Discovery Channel, but I never got it to work.

  8. edd says:

    I absolutely adore joost and have been using it for some time, but for when I want to watch something that’s not on there usually I find http://ww1.surfthechannel.com/ to be the best place, they have a great community too, so it’s definitely worth a recommendation.

  9. jas says:

    funny that fancast is pulling content [the shows]from hulu

  10. glayshure says:

    wow joost is pretty nice! sweet dude thanks.

  11. Herbert says:

    Thanks for all the responses, folks. Glad to be of service.

    @K: I hope to try LiveStation out very soon — it could be in a sequel to this post, who knows?

    @Edd and Gorgon: The sites you suggested are great, but I am questioning their legitimacy. Perhaps I need to do a bit of research to see how legal they really are.

  12. Website Design says:

    I’m a huge fan of Hulu. I’ve not heard of some of the other ones though. Very cool. Thanks for the list.

  13. WhitWhike says:

    You could use a Free to Air Satellite receiver.

  14. yeyo says:

    Joost its really cool and also i think miro its a good choice but i still learning how to use it

  15. Glenn says:

    If you live outside the USA, get “Hotspot Shield” which will fool these websites into thinking you are in the USA, you will then be able to try these.
    Versions for mac and PC i believe. Here is the mac version, google for pc version

  16. James Bently says:

    I heard that will be launching a an online TV station with over 1,000 channels, has any one else heard this rumor?

  17. Interview says:

    I don’t like to watch TV online. Just because the quality of the picture. I’d like to pay $100/mo to watch FULL HD cable TV… in the sofa.

  18. full movies online says:

    Some people are not afford to pay the cable tv price. That’s why the free online tv demand is increase.

  19. Watch Free Movies Online says:

    Free online TV rocks. and i know there are a lot of places we could watch TV actually for free.

  20. MattK says:

    Another great one i just stumbled upon is good content and a decent site design

  21. Rodolfo says:

    I invite you to know a site dedicated to classify and offer free TV channels through streaming technology. There are currently over 1000 channels classified, and work continues to improve.

  22. Bis-keet says:

    I’ll add Streamick.com as a good alternative..

  23. jessica@cable internet says:

    Internet TV is here,you can watch totally free online TV and get your hands on great software downloads that lets you watch worldwide TV shows wherever you live.
    Technology is advancing at such alarming rate that many of us cannot keep up with it.All these advancements make our lives more fun and more convenient.

  24. Esther says:

    Why not go back to an antenna?

  25. Natasha says:

    Very good article! I have to agree with almost everything.

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