500,000 Pageviews!

After a long journey of several years, QOT traffic finally managed to cross 500,000 pageviews this month; to make that sound grander, that is half a million pageviews!

500000 pageviews

Here are the sitemeter statistics. Looking back at the site traffic a year back in August 2007, we had 170,000 visitors and 260,000 pageviews. This August 2008, exactly a year later, we got 340,000 visitors and over 520,000 pageviews – that is a 100% growth rate in a year.

Some events that made this difference are the BBC feature, Indian Express feature, rare 9rules branding, the Quickpress wordpress theme launch, our new photoblog, crossing 15000 RSS reader landmark, and switch to full text feeds. We got the honor of featuring in some lists like the Top 25 blogs about blogging and Top 20 Wildly Sticky, Successful and Outstanding Blogs on Blogging, and top Uber blogs.

Considering social media, there is a regular stream of Stumbleupon users visiting the site, well above any other competitor. Google Pagerank has been on a roll, falling from PR6 to PR3, then zooming back to PR6, and falling again to PR5 in the last update, but the traffic kept coming.

Some tools like the powerful All-in-One SEO pack wordpress plugin helped optimize the site for WordPress SEO, Google sitemaps plugin sent search engines indexing deep inside the site, and WP-Super cache keeps the site up as the wonderful Dreamhost hosting keeps the site uptime in all kinds of traffic.

And of course its all thanks to the amazing QOT readers, commentors, guest bloggers, critics and subscribers who keep coming back to find useful content. 500,000 pageviews was a tough milestone to pass, but with all the QOT readers by the side, we were finally able to cross it… Thanks.

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About the Author: P Chandra is editor of QOT, one of India's earliest tech bloggers since 2004. A tech enthusiast with expertise in coding, WordPress, web tools, SEO and DIY hacks.