QOT Readers Can Now Read Full Text Feeds!

Yes! we are trying free full text feeds again. As we cross the 14500 RSS reader milestone today and celebrate 2 years on wordpress, I thank the QOT readers who kept subscribing to our partial feeds. But now based on a overwhelming demand and some recent inspiring articles, we are back to full text feeds.

Long time readers might remember that previously a year back we had switched to full feeds, but due to heavy feed scrapping, we decided to switch back to partial feeds… Though the debate of full feeds vs. partial feeds is a never ending one with strong advocates for both, I was thinking of switching to full text feeds for a long time. The latest inspiration came from Why Not to Switch to Partial Feeds

The biggest problem with shortening your RSS feed is that it doesnít make sense to punish the 99.9% of legitimate users of your feed to hinder the efforts of a few bad guys. It also doesnít make sense to turn many of your RSS readers away in the false hope that youíll get others to click through more regularly.

I guess if feed scrapping starts heavily, I guess I hope to seek help of Jonathan Bailey, who writes at Plagiarism Today, a site about plagiarism, content theft and copyright issues on the Web.

Why do we worry about feed scrappers and copyright content republishing so much – the problem is duplicate content and the scrapped article might rank higher than your article in Google searches. Then I was inspired by this amazing article by Robin Good about Duplicate Content Online: Issues, Problems and Good Things who taught me a big thing

If there is another site republishing some of your content and they rank higher than yours inside the Google search engine result pages, you DEFINITELY have a problem to solve on YOUR site. (and the problem is NOT to go and scream or threaten who has republished your content, but to wake up and be curious enough to see what makes your site so bad that even Google prefers the duplicate to yours.)

Of course there is great advice from Lorelle VanFossen and Darren Rowse when someone steals your content. And of course there are many ways to Report Spam Blogs and made for Google Adsense sites which are busy republishing your content.

How I got full feeds in WordPress 2.3? Simply activate the amazing Full text feed wordpress plugin and full feeds go live. I also might need to power up my simple feed copyright plugin with a stronger notice. If you still have not subscribed, grab our feed and see what 14500 feed readers enjoy everyday.

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About the Author: P Chandra is editor of QOT, one of India's earliest tech bloggers since 2004. A tech enthusiast with expertise in coding, WordPress, web tools, SEO and DIY hacks.