Virgin Mobile in India: Get Paid for Incoming Calls

Virgin Mobile in entering the highly competitive mobile phone marketing in India, and to switch customers to their mobile network, they are offering payments for incoming calls! Thats right, earn money by receiving incoming calls… unbelievable but true.

Richard BransonAs per the offer, for every minute that you are on an incoming call on your Virgin Mobile phone, they will pay you 10 paisa, that is your earn 1 paisa every 6 seconds. The smart move here is that they will not pay the money as cash for you to shop. They want you to spend the money to talk more on Virgin Mobile. Your money automatically gets credited to your Virgin Mobile account as a call balance every single time you receive a call within your home network, and then you use it to make outgoing calls to any landline, mobile, STD or even international calls even when you are roaming, from your Virgin Mobile phone! You can spend this call balance whenever you want since there is no expiry. Its a win-win situation for both VirginMobile and the customer.

If you can keep your friends engaged in long conversation, not only do you enjoy the conversation, but also earn money doing what you enjoy. Smart girls now have a new way to earn mobile calling time at the expense of extra long calls from their boyfriends …

Indian mobile users easily fall for great deals, and if Virgin Mobile plays this marketing strategy the right way, they could quickly grab a share of the Indian mobile market. Vodaphone, Airtel, Reliance, Tata, Idea…. look out, Richard Branson is in town, and he is playing the right cards.


  1. OldSailor says:

    A great marketing strategy. The receiver won’t allow the caller to finish the call.

  2. vivek dashora says:

    i wanna know more about this network

  3. SAHDEV says:


  4. b.v.rao says:

    you was launched cdma model only, but we are having gsm connections kindly launch in gsm mode in india at andhra pradesh circle , also make possible activate with old owned numbers you will get sale of instruments like , those having old hand sets , i think feed back will get in action as early as possible ..ok bye bye

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