Install Windows Vista SP1 with Free Unlimited Support

Recently Microsoft released the Free Windows Vista SP1 Service Pack 1 that lets Windows Vista users upgrade their computer operating system to the latest version. However, some people avoid this task, as it seems technically difficult. But now Microsoft promises to offer free unlimited technical support for one year till March 18, 2009.

Visit the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 help and support page where unlimited installation and compatibility support is available at no charge until March 18, 2009.

1. Free Email support – Easiest for many, but the response time is 1 business day. This is the simplest way, but it does not allow you to interact with a technical expert in real time to solve your vista problems.

2. Free Technical Chat – available on select timings on all days. But be prepared to wait an hour.. everyone is trying this option.

3. Free Phone Support – this is the best way to chat with a technical expert to fix your Vista upgrade installation problems. Simply call at (866) 234-6020, but the current wait time will vary on the number of callers, although it is available on select timings everyday. But you can use this option if you have a Software Assurance Agreement, Professional Contract, TechNet Subscription, MSDN Subscription, or Microsoft Partner Program (MSPP)… so its not open for all.

These options will definitely allow many users to upgrade their Windows Vista with confidence. Are you ready to upgrade to Windows Vista SP1?

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