Why Updating Old Posts Will Change Your Blog’s Fortunes

Do you update your blog archives? As a blogger you are constantly evolving both your blogging knowledge and your writing skills. When I originally started Organize IT, it was barely a hobby and because I was inexperienced at blogging the quality of the posts were largely quite poor. Titles were terribly SEO unfriendly, the writing was often basic with little real value and there were few reliable links to relevant sources. Thankfully I like to think that has changed, but there still a few old posts in my archive that hold no value.

Posting regularly for even just a few months will mean that you build up a decent archive of content. Over a year you can build up hundreds of posts. That’s invaluable, but if many of them aren’t up to scratch they can get lost in the mix, never bookmarked and largely forgotten by Google. That’s a big waste. To resolve all these problems I highly suggest that you start a new, regular activity of revisiting and updating these old and low-value posts.

Update Blog Archives

My own personal process is currently to revisit two to three posts every week. I’ve started right at the beginning of my archive and am slowly working my way forward. For each post I do the following:

  • Improve grammar, spelling, structure, etc. The more you blog the more you realize the importance of good presentation. However, earlier posts can be pretty sloppy, and if it’s so bad that people struggle to read through it, that’s a serious problem.
  • Change to a more SEO friendly title. If you do only one thing, do this. It can make all the difference to search rankings for that post (indeed the number of search engine visitors I get has increased week on week from doing this). Describe it in a compelling way and be sure to get important keywords into it.
  • Add any relevant images and links. When you are rushing to complete a post these sorts of little details often get neglected. However it’s better late than never to add them.
  • Add extra value, detail and depth to the post so as to make it more interesting and useful to the reader. You want people to come away from your blog thinking, “That’s interesting!” or, “That was a useful read!”

The last point is particularly important. Many of my earlier posts were merely links to other interesting articles from other sites with a brief commentary by me. Hardly useful. However when I update these posts I can often add much more of my own opinion and thoughts, essentially making it a full post of value. Just because a post is a year old doesn’t mean it has to be forgotten about.

James is a blogger and aspiring author who covers productivity, organization and self improvement with an heavy focus on practical, actionable advice. You can check out more of his posts at Organize IT. 


  1. Chetan says:

    Making the title more SEO friendly is one of the best keys, and you might pretty easily know which post needs to be edited and which are still popular and need no changes.

    I have been making changes to one of my blogs and testing things out, and yes it does help a lot in updating old blogs.

  2. Glen Crosier says:

    It’s a great point about adding graphics and more depth and substance to posts. It is always tempting to “just get it up there” but as demonstrated by all the successful blogs real quality is the only way.

    Glen Crosier
    Brighton, UK

  3. Ibrahim Rabbani says:

    Basically we’ll bring our old posts back to life with the potential of increasing their search rankings and hopefully rake in new traffic, not bad advice at all!

  4. Roger says:

    True. Bringing the old post back to life can definately increase SERPs positioning. Additional, the data and responses can be targeted as the major source for the online marketing management.

  5. James @ Organize IT says:

    Thanks for publishing my guest post!

  6. Amol says:

    I have had the same experience.
    The older posts had very few comments.I did some modifications in older posts like giving a more SEO friendly title , giving links to related posts and putting up some images related to content of the post.
    These provided more depth to the posts.
    But I have one problem.
    Though I changed the title of the post , the name of the page does not change .(My blog is in blogger).
    Then, does merely changing the title of the post have any effect?Or will I have to change the name of the html page also?
    for example see this post:

  7. Arjen says:

    I agree, I’m planning to do this, as some of my old(er) posts contain a lot of grammar mistakes and search engine unfriendly urls.

    Good advice, it reminds me to do this a bit earlier than planned.


  8. WhitWhike says:

    Interesting idea. But, it seems like you could just be making new content in the same time it takes to update the old content.

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