10 Best Black Friday Tips for Stress-Free Shopping

Black Friday is arriving and retailers are lining up tempting Black Friday ads, shopping deals and bargains to woo customers to buy products they always wanted at huge discounts. As the whole city lines up to buy those selected gadgets, smart Black Friday shoppers can beat the crowd. Here are some tips which might help Black Friday Shoppers.

Get Best Black Friday Ads, Deals, Sales, Specials

Black Friday Deals1. Shop Online –  Why stand in long queues when you can shop for the best Black Friday bargains and buy online from your computer in the comfort of your home. All big retailers have nice bargains lined up like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy etc. This is the modern way to buy.

2. Make a Buy List – There are hundreds of products deals on display and there are limited supplies. Make a list of what exactly you want to buy and then look around for these Black Friday product deals, then browse around only if you have more time. Remember you need to move fast and a well prepared list and plan saves time and stress.

3. Spot Better Deals – If you do decide to buy a product or gadget, many retailers will be offering different deals. Do your homework before you step out for shopping to brave the crowds. Compare the prices then go to the best buy. Look for percentage discounts, 3 for 2 offers, free shipping etc. Some Black Friday sites (official sites as many call themselves!) to check out are BFAds, Black Friday @GottaDeal, Black Friday Ads, BlackFriday.info etc. Some sites to help you compare prices are PriceGrabber and Shopping.com.

4. Move Fast – the long lines in early morning are proof that supplies are limited and the great deals will close out fastest. If you have spotted a super deal, you need to move in fast, before someone else grabs it. Sleep is not so important today.

5. Map the Route – Once you plan out what you want and where you want to buy it, map out your route across the city and how you intend to cover the maximum target shops in minimum time with lesser parking hassles and lower taxi and bus tickets. Time to use that GPS today.

6. Save the Ads – If you spotted a great deal in newspapers or magazine, cut the Black Friday ads and coupons and be sure to carry them along. Many deals require you bring the ad along and avoid unnecessary disputes.

7. CashBacks Work – Many dealers tie up with banks and credit card agencies to offer special discounts and other cash back offers. Look out for minimum purchase amount and specific sites and shops which promise to pay you part of the cash back.

8. Call Your Friends – Sometimes the best deals spread by word to mouth. Check out what you friends and collegues are shopping out for. You can benefit from the Black Friday research they conducted and save time, while getting some nice tips (unless you both have eyes on the same deal!)

9. Lowest Price Guaurantee – Check if the shopkeeper is offering a guaranteed lowest price policy which entitles you to a refund for the difference you paid if the item is available at other shops for less within a particular time period. This would save you lot of time hunting bargains and let you grab all the goodies from a few shops, while assuring you the best price.

10. Cyber Monday is Near – dont despair if you missed the Black Friday deals, Cyber monday is just a few days away and sometimes you can get a better deal that day. And remember, the cheapest deals on your choicest product may not be available on Black Friday anyway.

There will always be a better deal – If you want something so much and you have been waiting for Black Friday to buy it, then be aware that there will always be someone somewhere in the city offering a cheaper deal, but you cant keep running all over the city to find it. If you think the discount is reasonable and you got there in time, buy it – after all its all about the joy of shopping on Black Friday… for a few dollars more or less… dont let the fun go away.

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