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Play Interactive Adventure Games on Youtube

Its an interactive adventure game on Youtube and you make the choices. Join Chad, Matt and Rob in their adventure journey with the Time Machine and make choices which will guide them along.

As you make decisions during the game, you encounter agents, dragons, and zombies – can you help them make it to the important meeting? Start the Time Machine.

BuzzFeed says so far 500,000 people have started the journey, but only 100,000 have survived until the end! See how you take up the challenge…


  1. PCLicious Video Tutorials says:

    This is way cool! I’m glad Youtube is doing something creative with its technology that users can use, their minor updates have been blah.

  2. abhijit goswami says:

    1934 in new york a fighter plan crash in a building the aeroleplan bustded the pilot died and the 12,13and 14 floors people died

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