Dreamhost 95% Off New Year Hosting Sale

Dreamhost hosting is offering a new year sale in 2009 which entitles new web hosting accounts to get 95% discount on a 2 years hosting package!

dreamhost sale 2009

After you chose to Sign up for a new webhositng account, go to Host a Domain name, then select the 2 year payment option, and use the Dreamhost promo code 202. That’s it, the usual package of $214.80 will cost $10.74 only. Hurry as this limited time promotion closes on 3 January 2009, 4th January 2009, 5th January 2009, 6th January 2009.

You are also promised Unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth for the life of your web hosting. Here are some reasons why we host with Dreamhost.

Disclosure: We get NO affiliate benefit from using this 95% off Dreamhost coupon code 202. This is purely a Dreamhost company featured limited time offer, and not our affiliate code.

Update 1: The offer has been extended to 4 January 2009. Hurry now.

Update 2: (5 Jan) – The comments below indicate that the 95% hosting deal is now over. Readers report that the Dreamhost coupon code 202 now gives only 80% discount and the final deal costs $42.96.

Update 3: (5 Jan) – Some readers indicate that Dreamhost promo code 220 is giving them 90% discount and the hosting package costs $21.48 only. This is the better coupon code to use now.

Update 4: They have extended the hosting sale till 5 January 2009.

Update 5: Another day extension till 6 January 2009. They might as well decide the final end date.


  1. Youssef says:

    People it pays off to have quickonlinetips.com in your rss reader!!!

    Thank you sooooo much for alerting me, I was looking to host and now I found it!! Yeah!

  2. Tinh says:

    Great but i regret to loose this as it is jan. 4 already.

  3. Sam says:

    DreamHost put this “Get two years of hosting for 70% off! That’s a $214.80 value for just $64.44 Expires 1/3/2009”

  4. Nirmal says:

    When I used this code, it says this promo is not available for your region.

  5. PC says:

    It is not available for INDIA I guess..

  6. SATISH -- Technotip.org says:

    Its saying “Promo code error: Promo code invalid for your region!”
    Sooooo sad..

    I was very much excited after reading about this and tried to get it as soon as possible, and finally got above message, unfortunately.

  7. QuickOnlineTips says:

    I am not aware of any fineprint terms associated with the code. Usually Dreamhost codes work worldwide, so it is surprising that it should be limited to some regions only.

  8. QuickOnlineTips says:

    @Sam – that 70% offer might be older. This 95% offer is live right now with this coupon code / promo code.

  9. Charlene says:

    not working for me… I get Promo code error: invalid promo code — it’s 12:50 pm CST 3/January 2009

    https://www.dreamhost.com/ front page offers promo code 224 for 50% off 2 years — $107.40
    bummer, I really wanted the 95% off

  10. Matt Jabs says:

    Darn it! I just signed up with DreamHost 2 days ago! Although I still received a good deal (1 year hosting & new domain name for $22, I did not get THIS good of a deal.

    That said, I have been happy with DreamHost so far. I have been using InMotionHosting for my eJabs.com blog, and have ran into a few problems with them.

  11. Ramanujam says:

    Thanks a lot for the heads up!

    Got a 2yr hosting at 10.74 bucks and a friend of mine got one too!

    But unfortunately referrals don’t work this promotion…. still not complaining!

  12. Jared says:

    Wow–I spent the entire week looking for a great web hosting deal, and then this comes along. Needless to say, I took advantage of the 95% off…Thanks QuickOnlineTips!

  13. Laurentiu says:

    A friend gave me this link. Thank you!
    You got a new subscriber to your RSS :)

  14. ntac says:

    This promotion seems to be causing havoc on their servers. I can’t sign up because the page keeps hanging up and I keep getting Page Load Errors.

    Not a good sign.

  15. Jeff says:

    It doesn’t look good on a host when they can’t even handle the traffic of people trying to signup with them.

    I wonder if I am going to be able to take advantage of this offer. I guess I will probably just stick with Hostgator.

  16. ntac says:

    I give up.

    I agree that $11 is a steal. But I can’t even sign up. If their servers can’t even handle large sign up traffic as a result of a promotion, then I can’t imagine what kind of hassles I’ll have to deal with down the road.

    Hosting Fail.

  17. mo says:

    too bad the website keeps crashing. not a good sign for a web hosting company.

  18. Wayne says:

    I’m getting page load error also. Does this include php as well?

  19. Bill Smith says:


  20. Farinha says:

    I too am trying to signup for this awesome offer and the site keeps timing out…

  21. Geobak says:

    Their site seems to be down

    They can’t even manage their own page with al lthat traffic they got

    Too bad though cause the offer seems awesome and with their site down this is not good publicity for them :(

    I wish they fix it soon cause i wanna get me a package :)

  22. Seshu says:

    Uber FAIL … the site is dead on arrival. I can’t get in and it does not bode well that a hosting site’s own website doesn’t work.

  23. Taylor Blue says:

    It keeps crashing for me too…to bad.. :(

  24. Taylor says:

    Don’t count out the possibility that they took their own site down to prevent hordes of people from capatilizing on this particular deal. Too many people sign up and they’d be losing money.

    Site doesn’t even attempt to load. Goes straight to PCD which most likely means they purposely broke their own DNS pointers.

  25. Cher says:

    Like everybody I else, I jumped at the chance to try out Dream Host. It’s a shame I can’t even sign up. I find it quite curious that the comments before mine are date with Sunday’s date. It’s only Sat Jan 3. 2008 at 6:13 EST hmmmmmmmmmm

  26. Cher says:

    Like everybody I else, I jumped at the chance to try out Dream Host. Its a shame I cant even sign up. I find it quite curious that the comments before mine are dated with Sundays date. Its only Sat Jan 3. 2009 at 6:15 EST hmmmmmmmmmm

    (maybe they are still getting used to the date …cause I know I am LOL “2008” LOL)

  27. PeteWilliams says:

    Well I finally get to the checkout page and it comes up as $21.48 not $10.74..

  28. Farinha says:

    @PeteWilliams: Same here. It seems to be a 90% discount instead of 95% as it says in the main page. Anyway, I just signed up for it. Seems like a good deal.

  29. Juarez P. A. Filho says:

    I got the discount, but I did pay $21.10 I’m from Brazil. Anyway… Thanks a lot

  30. greg cain says:


    error once I try to pay.

    accepting payment should be the one thing they are best at.

  31. jj levine says:

    FAIL…errror once I try to pay, too (writing from NYC)…

    Scary … sticking w godaddy.com…

  32. jj levine says:

    Incidentally — I don’t know why the date beside my name says 4/1/09 — it is Sat., January 3 as I write this for several more hours!

  33. Andre says:

    The site is back up now (as of 10:15pm EST 1/3/09) but the promo code seems to only give you 90% off now… still a good deal though.

  34. Peter Mykusz says:

    I also can’t log on. I’m assuming that the deadline is midnight PST

  35. desi says:

    I just signed up.. but I too am getting 21.00 for 2 years. Although I have a US IP address during signup.

    Total: $214.80 2 years of hosting
    includes one domain registration
    (includes 18% discount)
    – $193.32 202 promo
    Due Now: $21.48

  36. Steve Slater says:

    Waited 3 hour until the “Temporarily Not in Service” error was gone. Filled everything out then got this error:
    Software error:
    Can’t call method “query” on an undefined value at /usr/local/lib/site_perl/Ndn/Common/Login.pm line 120.

    For help, please send mail to the webmaster (webmaster@balanced6.signup.dreamhost.com), giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

  37. Joe User says:

    Sure makes you want to host with them when attempting to sign up generates the following:

    Software error:

    Can’t call method “query” on an undefined value at
    /usr/local/lib/site_perl/Ndn/Common/Login.pm line 120.

    For help, please send mail to the webmaster
    (webmaster@balanced6.signup.dreamhost.com), giving this error message and
    the time and date of the error.


  38. John john says:

    FAIL also…
    error every time i try to pay.
    Curious, and really bizarre.

  39. John john says:

    Next error…

    The web panel is temporarily unavailable while we perform maintenance on our database.

    [Sources: dreamhost]

    [Host: pippo]

  40. Jose says:

    It’s almost 8:30 pm PST and I just signed up, so it’s still working.

  41. zach says:

    I got in earlier today with no trouble, but my friends who i showed this deal are both encountering error after error, and can’t register.

    Is there a solution for those who have been locked out because the servers seem to be down?

  42. John john says:

    I finally, after many attemps just signed up.. but I too am getting 21.00 for 2 years.I have a german IP address during signup.

    Total: $214.80 2 years of hosting
    includes one domain registration
    (includes 18% discount)
    – $193.32 202 promo
    Due Now: $21.48

  43. Migzy says:

    Well I think I signed up, not sure. I got all the way to pushing the charge this card(to go on my credit card) and pressed the button, which then dumped me back to the empty sign up page. No auth checks on my credit card yet and no email.

  44. QuickOnlineTips says:

    I think the thousands of amazing Lifehacker readers signing up might have overwhelmed their servers. :-)

    Dreamhost seems back up online and they have extended the offer for 1 more day to get in more customers.

  45. Mohammed shafi says:

    I got this :

    Promo code error: Promo code invalid for your region!

    I am from India

  46. Jamie says:

    I just signed up (AZ, USA). Paid 21 dollars for two years, not too bad. We’ll see how the service is.

  47. Helios says:

    anyone knows how to fix the Promo code invalid for your region? I really want to take up this promotion badly. :(

  48. cm says:

    It’s giving me $21.48, too. You should change your post to reflect the real price.

  49. Gaurish Sharma says:

    this offer is not valid for Indian Customers.

    and also the discount is now 90% i.e $21USD not $11USD as reported above.

  50. vlad says:

    You may want to validate and correct the information in your post. When using code 202 for the 2 year plan the total amount to pay is $21.48 not $10.74. That is a savings of 90% and not 95% as you stated. Also dreamhost extended their 60% promotion until 1/4/2009 using code 223. There is no such thing as an extension of code 202 until 1/4/2009 for 95% savings.

  51. Akshay says:

    Works fine for me. 90% off instead of 95, but a deal’s a deal. I’m in the Middle East.

  52. skykid says:

    I got my account for 10.74 and so did my uncle = so the post said what the terms were. It seems that Dreamhost decided to cut 5 % of the deal for the later subscribers .

  53. cr says:

    Frankly, I’m not going to complain for unlimited hosting (or anything close) for less than $1 a month – even if it isn’t 95% off, it is a ridiculously good deal. People need to sound a little less bitchy that they don’t get the $10 deal anymore…! Thanks for the post! :)

  54. postmoden says:

    By the way, I forgot to add that the amount I was going to charge me something like $166 for the 2 year hosting (just the regular 18%less).

  55. QuickOnlineTips says:

    As far as I am aware, the code 202 still works and gives 95% discount and is valid till 4 Jan 2009 for most subscribers.

    Just as the code is not working in India, it is possible lesser discount hosting deals are available across the world.

  56. Mitch says:

    YAY! Just signed up with this 202 code and it worked! $21.48 for 2 years unlimited hosting and a free domain name! Woot! Thanks!

  57. Dario Salvelli says:

    I confirm that with 202 code i have 21.48 for 2 years unlimited hosting and a free domain name:

    Total: $214.80 2 years of hosting
    includes one domain registration
    (includes 18% discount)
    – $193.32 202 promo

    Is it a fake?

  58. Marticore says:

    could tell me if using a proxy can make the purchase?

    or countries that can make the purchase?

  59. Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Net says:

    I got 90% off

  60. Michael says:

    Yep, used it, got 2-year for $21.48 !

    That is a great deal… I don’t even need more hosting, but come on…

    – Michael

  61. Carsten Neubert says:

    The code works and I paid $21.48 for 2 years. Oddly the control panel lists the plan as “Happy Hosting (2 years)” with the full price of $214.80, and still gives the dates for a monthly billing cycle.

    Can anyone confirm it’s listed the same way for him/her? I find that slightly confusing.

  62. Pierre says:

    Hi, I’m in Switzerland and could Just signed up with this 202 code and it worked! ($21.48, not 11 like announced here though)

  63. Timothy Andrew says:

    Promo code error: Promo code invalid for your region!

    That’s the error I get when I try signing up. I’m from India. Why are they doing this? Any solutions?

    Thanks. :)

  64. Pavanaja UB says:

    I live in India. The promo code is valid for US only. The message to this effect was shown after I entered all the details.

  65. keshvi says:

    got 2 years for $21.48.. which is still very good and got myself a very nice domain too :) thank you so much!

  66. rakesh says:

    yep, managed to register, have no idea how to do websites, but for $20 dollars, i’ll learn!

    btw i live in the uk and i managed to get the promo offer

  67. Broke in America says:

    I was able to sign up, and posted an entry on my blog to alert others to this great deal!

  68. Hans Engel says:

    Is this offer valid *through* the 4th or just until the 4th? Missed the post yesterday :(

  69. Hans Engel says:

    Does anyone know if this offer lasts through January 4, or only until January 4?

  70. Valentin says:

    Thanks for the great tip! Just signed up from Germany with the 202 code for $21.48. Awesome.

  71. Rob says:

    Just tried at 1:00 EST in the US and it is coming up as $29.95

  72. FredW says:

    I just signed up (10am Pacific Time) two years for $29.95 — don’t why it was more expensive than others but I’m not complaining.

  73. Ravi says:

    I thing This offer is not for India

  74. Taylor Blue says:

    I finally signed up too. It was the higher price but either way it’s still a good deal. :) Thanks

  75. Nischal Shetty says:

    I guess I have found a work around for the invalid region promo code error.

    I too was getting the error. Here’s what I did to avail of the offer Workaround for invalid region error

  76. Sarath says:

    mee too, coming to 29.95 :(

  77. Phil says:

    It’s $42.96 for me. Am I doing something wrong? I did not select any special features.

  78. John says:

    Am now being quoted $42.96 as a two-year price with this promo code… is this happening to anyone else?

  79. Tom says:

    42.96 for me too.

  80. J says:

    42.96 here as well. That’s lame…

  81. Adam says:

    Using 220 instead of 202 gave me two years for $21.48.

  82. GeoFan49 says:

    Tried to get in yesterday afternoon, 1/3/09, for a few hours, but dreamhost.com was down, or overloaded… This morning, 1/4/09, I got in and signed up for two years plus a domain registration for $21.48, using dreamhost promo 220.

  83. Carl says:

    Use code 220 to get 90% discount since they changed to 80% for the code 202. Thats what I just did and it cost me like 21$!

    Hope it helps!

  84. Boruch says:

    42.96 here as well. What’s up with that? I signed up anyway

  85. James says:

    I got 42.96. That’s only 80% and not the deal I came in for. Even the $21 would have been a fine deal, but this bait and switch is garbage.

  86. CCS says:

    220 worked. Excellent. No more GoDaddy!

  87. Eric C says:

    I use the 220 code instead of 202 and got 2 years for $21. Which still be a good deal to me.

  88. David says:

    I had to use the 220 code, with 202 they were going to charge $42.96. I’m glad I decided to read the comments to see if others were having problems.

    This is a significant ‘error’ and I might’ve missed the deal because of the ‘typo’ or whatever caused the problem.

  89. psuliin says:

    The promotion they’re offering is not the one listed here. Instead of a 95% discount they’re offering only 50%. So a 2-year signup costs 107.40, not the &10.74 mentioned here.

    And yes, this does appear to be their current promotion. Just like the one described here, it ends Jan 4 (and is still current as of this timestamp), and it is for a 2-year signup. It just costs 10 times as much as this site would have you believe.

  90. Mark says:

    I’m in the US, and getting 42.96 due now when using the 202 promo code.

    Maybe the deal expired prematurely?

  91. mike says:

    Came up as $21.48 for me with the 220 promo code. You must be doing something wrong.

  92. Edward says:

    $21.48 with 220 promo code as of 11 PM CST 1/4/08

  93. QuickOnlineTips says:

    @Fred Firstly, the 202 code is Dreamhost company code and we make no commission from it. That is clearly mentioned in the disclosure above.

    Every webhost has their downtimes and problems, but its just that Dreamhost talks about it, shares the blame, fixes responsibility, apologizes and lets customers talk about it – rather than stay quiet about it behind closed doors not letting anyone know what is happening. This transparency is what I like about Dreamhost. Of course hosting is a big decision and members are welcome to read why we host this site on Dreamhost for last over 3 years.

  94. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Please note the promo code discounts are changing based on reader feedback and have been updated in the article above.

    Code 202 now gives 80% discount costing $42.96.
    Code 220 is giving 90% discount costing $21.48

  95. Vamsi says:

    Damn, i missed this. If it was not working in India. I would have passed it over to friends worldwide so they could benefit from it. Was late for the show :(

  96. Carsten Neubert says:

    @Dingyan: I’m not sure today’s promotion changed something, but yesterday’s DID work outside the US. At least it did work for me and I’m German.

  97. QuickOnlineTips says:

    They have extended the sale to 5 January 2009. It amusing how they are extending it one day at a time. I guess the good business they are getting is too much to turn off.

  98. jim says:

    this overseller is not even having good server hardware to handle signups too. tried many times to signup without success.

  99. Sarpras says:

    I am registered one year plan on 02,01,2009, but my account pending to approval till now, why?

  100. foxtrot3 says:

    IT WORKS!!! Use promo code 220. I paid $21.45

  101. tamie says:

    Something strange is going on here. The date keeps changing on this site (quicktips), but when I contact Dreamhost they told me that the offer was only until 1/3. They claim that because I did not sign up on or before 1/3 that they will not honor this offer. Wthen I signed up on 1/4, this site (quicktips) said the offer was extended, as indicated by the strikethrough font, and when I entered the code they tried to chart me over $42.

  102. tamie says:

    I’m thinking this is a bait and switch scam.

  103. Jason Sares says:

    got 80% off with code 220, I paid $21.45

  104. Jason Sares says:

    sry meant i got 90% off

  105. tamie says:

    Was $21.45 for 2 years? As I said, they were going to charge me over $42 for 2 years.

  106. charlie says:

    With code 220, I just got it for $21.48, i.e. 90% off.

  107. Joe says:

    Charged me $42.95 or whatever. Still a great price for two years!

  108. Ben says:


    Is your account activated ?
    Since I’ve subscribed on saturday, and still nothing, no mail apart from confirm my payment, which is still pending.

    Thanks.. !

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      I think the new year new accounts rush has them busy, that is why accounts are taking long to activate.

  109. scarn says:

    no matter which code i use its $64 and change…

  110. Hussein says:

    Damn DreamHost. I hate them. I can’t use all their new year promo codes. I think they are not good. They just want extra exposure.

  111. Rob says:

    Well folks, the deal is done, but today is the 11th and they are still offering it for $64.44 with that promo code! I think they are raising the price a little bit each day after the expiration of the promo… $64.44 is a KILLER deal for 2 years of web hosting with unlimited bandwidth and disk space, that’s $5.37 a month which is cheaper then the horrible plan I have right now with 1and1 internet, so I’m in!

  112. Hitesh says:

    I have not used any of the above, (I am still on Free Host…lol) but hearing reviews I have heard that BlueHost is the Worst and that Hostator is the best

  113. breakdown services says:

    I have not entirely stuck to the detail here in the post about Dreamhost 95% Off New Year Hosting Sale. I imagine I get what you are saying. I maybe understand what you are articulating, but you baffled me in the start. See that you do not restrain yourself. Multiple authors confine themselves to subjects they consider they are able to perform. Be confident you can run as far as your head will permit you.

  114. Jason.Nguyen says:

    I like Dreamhost because Hostgator limit 25% CPU

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