Error 999: Redirecting Yahoo Pipes to Feedburner Feeds

We usually mashup multiple RSS feeds using the amazing Yahoo Pipes, and then redirect them via Feedburner. But lately all our newly created Feedburner feeds were not updating. Feedburner returned “Error getting URL: 999 – Unknown” with HTTP Error code 502, though the Yahoo! pipes source feed was valid RSS.

feedburner 999 error

Possibly this has something to do with migration of Feedburner accounts to Google accounts and the recent redirects of feeds.feedburner urls to the new feeds2.feedburner urls which is causing duplicate feed issues with urls.

All attempts to troubleshooting feedburner proved futile and even the last resort to Resync the feed was of no use. The Feedburner feed would simply not update. I hope Yahoo! who runs Pipes and Google who runs Feedburner sort out this feed communication / compatibility issue fast so that thousands of feeds are least affected and the readers stay subscribed.

If you recently created a new Feedburner feed which sources Yahoo Pipes, then you must check if it is working.

Update: Google has advised against moving your Feedburner feeds to Google accounts if the original source is Yahoo Pipes for now “We are working directly with Yahoo! to restore Google-hosted feeds’ access to Pipes as soon as possible, but until this fix is in place, FeedBurner feeds with Pipes sources moved to Google will stop working properly.”

Update 2: Yahoo! has identified the cause and it should be fixed soon.

During this migration, the IPs used by Feedburners to access feeds have changed and we were not made aware of this change before it happened. As a result, Pipes has been blocking some of their new IP’s that came online. We have since added those IP’s to our whitelist and we are in the process of unblocking them.


  1. hombrelobo says:

    I’ve got the same problem with several feeds … a shame …..

  2. Norman Jacobs says:

    Yahoo Mail was giving me Error 999 for days and several times A day. I told them to do A restore on my Mail Classic so most of the time I use the New Mail just to be safe.

  3. Scott says:

    Wow, so now I’m getting this again, 10 months later…

  4. Colin says:

    We too, are seeing this error. Very unimpressive…

  5. Colin says:

    The error apparently started to manifest (again) the evening of the 4th

  6. Larry says:

    I recently set up a yahoo pipe with two of my feeds and had it working fine last week. This week I noticed the same or similar problem as mentioned above- Error 999…. My individual feeds are updating fine and so is the yahoo pipes combined feed, but the feedburner feed is not. It doesn’t seem to me that this should be a too hard to make happen. Anyone know of any other method to combine multiple feeds and then red-direct them through feedburner…successfully?

  7. OhNo says:

    Happening to me too, blargh!

  8. iplay says:

    I’m having the same problem. But now I’m wondering why run Pipes through Feedburner? Why not just direct people to Pipes? Any thoughts or comments (apart from potential loss of ad revenue which we don’t use anyway)?

  9. Karen says:

    I use feedburner to run yahoo pipes because I can’t find a wordpress plugin that will show a yahoo pipes feed in a page. All of the wp plugins I have tried don’t work with rss feeds that have query strings in them like yahoo pipes. If anyone knows of a good wp plugin that works with pipes please let me know I would love to bypass feedburner to avoid this annoying 999 error!

  10. Rey Reynoso says:

    I use Feedburner to set up the initial RSS feeds from the original sources, then scrub that compiled RSS feed back through Feedburner. In Yahoo Pipes I can see that the URL’s from the Feedburner source are all broken by highlighting them with a question mark so it looks like the problem is once again on the Google side.

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