Get Chrome Tab Pages in Firefox with Google Toolbar

The new Google Toolbar beta for Firefox promises to mimic the Google Chrome browser even more. If you liked the most visited thumbnail tabs in your Google Chrome browser, the new Google toolbar beta will give you the same look now in Firefox!


The Google new tab page automatically provides up to nine image thumbnails and links for websites that you visit on a regular basis. Click a thumbnail to open a website or right-click it to access options in order to open it in another new tab or in a new window. Thumbnails won’t be displayed until Toolbar has saved at least three thumbnails.

If it reveals too much of your browsing habits to other public users on your computer, you can disable Google new tabs. Right-click the Google logo in the Google toolbar > Options > Uncheck “Enable the Google new tab page” and you are done.

google tabs

You can also edit the thumbnails by clicking the Edit thumbnails link near the bottom of the page, and click the X icon over the thumbnail you want to remove. Over this add the Chrome Firefox themes and you might never miss Google Chrome again.

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  1. Clarky says:

    Hi friend, thanks for sharing that, I really like Google Chrome Browser’s style and its fast starting, firefox is not quick but safe and powerful, that is why I rather using firefox to IExplorer. Since you mention that, I will try the plugin, to be honest, this function is really very useful to us.

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