Fastest Way to Bookmark Web Pages

What is the simplest, easiest and fastest way to bookmark web pages? Are you still saving bookmarks in your web browser? Are your  bookmarks and ‘read later’ lists available when you need them? In early days I used to save to YahooMyWeb,  delicious, Furl,  Google Bookmarks, (and these services kept going away!)  – then I starred interesting posts in Google reader, but now I am using Google +1 and I find it is the easiest and fastest way to save bookmarks anywhere across the web as they neatly collect on our Google+ profile pages.

Fast Bookmarking with Google +1

google plus recommend
Its everywhere – Ever since Google said that +1 button can influence search engine rankings, webmasters ensure all webpages boldly display an easy to find Google +1 button on every webpage. It also provides an option to share the page in one click should you need to. I even keep the Google +1 Chrome extension which keeps the +1 button visible in the browser bar at all times, and allows one click bookmarking even if there is no +1 button on the site.

Already logged in – To start collecting your +1’s, you need to be logged in  to mark an article as +1. But you probably always logged in if you use any Google service like Gmail, analytics, webmaster tools, adsense…)

Same Profile – Google plus then stores all these pages in your Google+ profile page, which also means you do not need to create new account and profiles (which keep shutting down). Here is what our +1 page looks like loaded with amazing content we liked (err.. +1’ed).  If there is an RSS feed for that, it would be great.

Plus one bookmarks list

Privacy – You must enable the +1 tab in your Google profile to make it visible to share with everyone. Google+1 bookmarks are now accessible anywhere across the web, and also publicly visible and you can show and share great content with your friends. (I would really like to grab an RSS feed and show it as sidebar widget if possible).

show +1 tab

It’s simple – Though you might prefer a better bookmarking system with tags and folders for better bookmark organization (and there are so many great bookmarking tools and services out there) … but we are talking about the simplest, easiest possible way here. Of course you could bookmark it in your browser bookmarks (just click the star), but then when you change browsers, you must sync bookmarks and login to accounts and its not available to all.

Bookmarking the new way!  – Now keep clicking +1 across the web (Google wanted it that way!) and collect useful resources and read them later when you have the leisure time and find them whenever you need them … no complex bookmarking system, just plain easy and clicks which you do everyday. +1.

Of course there are other uses for +1 too…


  1. Shiful Alam says:

    Yeah, “G+ Recommend” is the fastest way to bookmark an article. Really interesting too. Thanks for sharing the technique.

  2. Patrick Wagner says:

    Thanks, I’ve been trying to solve this issue using bookmarking software or web app. This make life much easier since I already use Google +. Thanks this saves me a lot of time and saved energy.

  3. Joe Hart says:

    Google+ has really evolved into an important bookmarking tool..especially with the Google authorship thing really turning into a big thing…

  4. Bea Arthur says:

    Google+ is turning out to be the new face of social media marketing and being socially connected with friends, associates and also helpful to interact, inform on business to online communities, companies. We at also trying to use Google + as much as we can and trying to learn more on it.

  5. direct says:

    Google plus is the best social networking website which can increase your website ranking.

  6. abid javed says:

    that a great job …good work carry on …….

  7. Angela Lea says:

    Great article!
    I think it is very useful for our work time. i will surely apply this google +1 , its very easy

  8. Aditya says:

    Impressive post !!!after reading your article i am very excited to test it. Surely Google’s +1 will do better than other to promote site ranking.

    • Sharif says:

      Thanks i am agree with you. I also apply to promote my site with Google+1 which i better then other.

  9. Sharif says:

    The quality and content is great, and it is very quick and easy to follow along. I really look forward to seeing more post like this. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Patrick Tasner says:

    I am obsessed with Goggle +. It’s indeed a tool that I would not missed. Very cool and helpful in driving more visits to my site.

  11. KennB says:

    I’m currently happy with the star-bookmarking of the browser, but I’ll give G+1 a try after this article.

  12. Hayley Clare says:

    Yes Google plus helps a website if you star it. Perhaps a little unfair of the big G to weight it heavier than other factors though.

  13. Ci Module says:

    Thank you are very helpful post to improving the Google plus strategy and increasing the +1’s of a company. Going to try it.

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