Yahoo! MyWeb Closes: Switch to Delicious

Yahoo! MyWeb is shutting down on March 18, 2009 and they are moving all users to Yahoo! Bookmarks. After Yahoo! acquired Delicious, a very popular online social bookmarking service, this news was expected as both services were competing and Delicious has a very active user base with lots of delicious tools built by the community.

The main purpose of Yahoo! MyWeb was to save your bookmarks in a place where you can always find them, share your bookmarks with family, friends and colleagues and discover new things by browsing what’s popular or interesting to you.

Now they suggest that Yahoo! MyWeb users have 2 options – Switch to Yahoo! Bookmarks if you need only private bookmarking. For all users, all your MyWeb bookmarks are already available in Yahoo! Bookmarks.

But if you enjoy sharing bookmarks and exploring others bookmarks, then switch to Delicious (formerly called However, migrating to delicious is a 3 step process. First, export your bookmarks in XML format and save this file to your computer; register for a Delicious account; and then upload this XML file using the Manual Import option.

If you are done with Yahoo! and plan to move all your MyWeb bookmarks to other bookmarking services, try the export tools, which will create a bookmarks archive easily readable by 3rd party services and browsers.

Our experience – QOT has been bookmarked several times on Yahoo! MyWeb as well as Delicious. But though delicious front page can drive huge site traffic, MyWeb has not been able to generate those huge traffic spikes. Even Yahoo Buzz has not been successful in driving the promised highest traffic ever after it opened up to all bloggers.

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