2.0: Without The Dots

Yahoo’s most popular bookmark sharing service launched in a new avatar today as Delicious, without the dots in the url. Yes, the site has moved to a new url at and sports a brand new design more compatible with current design standards.

So whats new in Delicious… here is some cool stuff…

  • delicious old logoThe new infrastructure makes every page load faster.
  • Site organized into three main sections: Bookmarks, People and Tags.
  • A new search engine – faster, more powerful, smarter, and more social
  • The new user interface improves usability
  • Selectable detail levels and alphabetical sorting of bookmarks
  • New Tag Bar to navigate bookmarks by tags and tag combinations.
  • Action box provides commonly used actions for the current page.

Why switch to was a complex domain name to type and most people were typing delicious anyway. Now it will be easier for people to find the site and share it with their friends.

So why do you have to login again? the domain change requires a new login cookie.

You can keep tracking the updated collection of Absolutely delicious tools developed by the delicious community.


  1. Christian Dewick says:

    The new domain for the Delicious must have been very expensive to them.
    I think the guy who sold it, is still smiling about this.

  2. Syahid A. says:

    Love the new interface. Has not yet have the time to fully test out all those new features.

  3. Ibrahim Rabbani says:

    Love the interface but i don’t get any traffic from delicious, i usually get traffic from stumbleupon :

  4. Jake says:

    @Ibrahim Rabbani: The point of is not to get traffic. The point of is to discover new pages and sites and to store your favorite links. I mostly do the latter; I treat my bookmarks on as a library of links. However, traffic that you do get from is likely to be very targeted and useful traffic. Traffic on StumbleUpon is at random. When someone stumbles upon your page, they may just skip right on. But that’s still a hit in your logs, even if they barely glanced at it.

  5. Ibrahim Rabbani says:

    oh, thanks for clearing it up for me.. i’ve been wondering for a long time why i got no traffic from delicious but.. don’t you just use delicious instead of google reader?

  6. L says:

    And why they came back to
    It made all the scripts broken.

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