10 Reasons to Self Host Your Own Blog

Why Self hosting your blog is a good idea. Since I am a blogger, I like reading other people blogs to keep abreast of current issues. There are some very nice, informative and well written free hosted blogs I have come across in the blogosphere. These blogs get decent amount of traffic (visible from the site counter). But I feel that these blogs can do better if they were self hosted. These are the reasons why those self hosted blogs gets more love than free hosted blogs.

1. Gain more Respect

If you have a free hosted blog, people would think that you are just dabbling in blogging. You probably just want to use your blog to pass time instead of staying idle doing nothing. But if you have a self hosted blog, people would know that you are a serious blogger and you have a passion for blogging.

2. Encourage Commenting

Commenting on blogspot can be a pain at times. You cannot enter your email address to receive your comment replies by email. Depending on the blog, you need to have a gmail address to comment on the blog.

3. Unlimited Email accounts

Not all hosting companies, but some provide unlimited email accounts.

4. Get Affiliate program approval

Affiliate programs like Azoogle, Sharesale requires you to have a website to be accepted into the program. Sharesale wants a proof that you have a website by requiring you to register with your website email address i.e. username@yoursite.com.

5. Include other scripts

On a self hosted blog, you can also include a forum on your blog to be interactive with your readers. You can also include an e-store on your blog to sell items.

6. Advertising Credit

Some hosting companies give free Google Adwords, Yahoo search and MSN adcenter credit to promote your blog.

7. Ability to Backup your blog

You have the ability to back up your blog and store it in your email address or on your computer. It would be devastating if you lose all your blog posts because your free hosting company went out of business. There have been many horror stories like that.

8. Better SEO (WordPress)

You can use plugins to SEO your blog. You can use plugins like All-in-One SEO to SEO each post, link checker to check for dead links i.e. links that are not working.

9. Unlimited Amount of Pages (WordPress)

You can also add unlimited amount of pages on wordpress as long as the allocated bandwidth from your host permits it. This is good especially if you want to chronicle about a topic. So you will have www.yoursblog.com/chronicle1/chronicle2/……chronicle end/

10. Selling Rights

After blogging for a while and you are tired or you have an emergency, you can sell your blog. On a free hosted blog, you have the ownership rights to the post only. The domain doesnt belong to you. It belongs to the free host. But on a self hosted blog, you have the ownership rights of the blog which includes the domain and the post. Sell your blog, earn money, and use the money how it suits you.

This guest article is written by Dele Alawa, who writes on blogging and Technology at AxioBlog.com. Got a tip to share, you can also write a guest article on QOT.

QOT View – There are some nice free blog hosting services like Blogger, WordPress.com, Tumblr – which are very easy to start blogging, but if you want to truly create a brand presence for your blog, use WordPress and host it on your own domain name and paid web hosting.


  1. Gravity says:

    this post makes me think of moving from blogger to a self hosted wordpres. thnx

  2. benjamin says:

    Nice post. I have a slightly different view.

    Sometimes, you never know how far would you sustain. Lets say for some reason you don’t feel like to continue, the trouble of setting up hosting account, WP etc feels like it is wasted.

    I suggest to first blog on a hosted platform for a little while, once you know you are going to sustain it, move to self-hosted before you have too many contents making migration difficult.

    I am speaking from my experience. My first blog moved to WordPress from a year of Drupal and it keeps running fine for close to two years now.

    I had a tough time on a second blog. I started on a self-hosted one, and abandon it after a month or so.

    Right now, I am trying something on tumblr :-)

    So before jumping the gun, ask yourself

    1) am I really going to like to this blog?
    2) if I abandon it, would I feel the money and effort is wasted?

    I’ve seen most self-hosted blog aren’t first timers.

  3. Ibrahim Rabbani says:

    lol.. basically i feel much safer when i host my own blog :p… it gives me a feeling of independence :P

  4. Blog Bloke says:

    Hi there. I agree with some of your comments but I have to correct you with respect to Blogger:

    1. I blogged for many years on Blogger before switching to WordPress, and you will be hard pressed to find anyone who is more passionate about blogging.

    2. Blogger has vastly improved its commenting and not only can you leave your own URL now, but it also has inline commenting.

    7. Blogger now allows backing up of your posts as well as your template.

    10. Blogger allows for Custom Domains.

    Hope this helps to clarify and thanks for listening.



  5. Rumandawi7 says:

    Nice info man appreciate it …

  6. DLWarner says:

    Thanks for the info, will look into it some time :)

  7. ernest says:

    Thank you very much for your post. Absolutely very usefull to me. Thank you.

  8. antie says:

    Thankyou for your knowledge thx.

  9. Harris says:

    My host does that for free anyways. Even let you use top level domains.

  10. edwin says:

    Uhh….thanks for your great post. Absolutely very useful for me. Very Excellent. Thanks.

  11. Binary Chick says:

    I agree for the most part. I started my first blog on blogger which was basically a gaming blog. I didn’t want to buy a domain and start hosting it myself because I didn’t know how long it’ll last. After a few months, it got bigger and I got more and more traffic.

    Sometimes starting out small before going big is a good thing.

  12. TJ @ Smartblogtips says:

    yeah it always help in terms of customization and creating a brand to have a self owned domain spaces


  13. Nitin says:

    Thanx for sharing gr8 info!!

  14. Ask Your PC says:

    It is much more satisfying having a website that is a domain not a subdomain like asdf.wordpress.com. It is like a signature. Word of advice: Keep looking for a domain that hasn’t been used. Make it two syllables is possible and no dashes. Make it easy to remember.

  15. tatil says:

    It is much more satisfying having a website that is a domain not a subdomain like asdf.wordpress.com. It is like a signature. Word of advice

  16. Cheap VPS says:

    Yes I would agree a domain is way better than a subdomain. Too much for people to remember.

  17. Hosting says:

    is much more satisfying having a website that is a domain not a subdomain like asdf.wordpress.com. It is like a signature.

  18. Steve says:

    Hi Guys,

    Whilst I do agree with most comments, I must admit I myself am in favour of self hosting.

    I have just transfered & renewed my domain name for the a mere $8.17 add to that the $7.00 per quarter I pay for hosting & my total annual costs are $36.17. That’s just $3.02 per month. Now I understand what somebody said about testing the water first, but I have actually moved a blog after about 6 months and it was a major headache at the time ! For the sake of less than a packet of cigs, I would rather start as I hope to go on ! Self Hosted gets my vote

  19. Hosting Reviews says:

    We are enjoying more independence by having our own blog.Your have provided us a lot of good stuff about benefits of having own blog.There are also some draw backs which you have not mentioned.One of them is designing issue .It’s very difficult for a non technical person to design his/her own blog.For managing a good blog you should have to date knowledge of Programming languages like PHP etc.

  20. Tammie Earl says:

    Great article and much appreciated. Since I’m about to start a self hosted blog, this article is of great interest to me.

  21. Affiliate Marketer says:

    I host my own blog, but I use it as a hub for my free blogs. I basically use the free blogs to promote affiliate products, and clean up the affiliate links and send redirects through my hosted blog. The helps with back links and link popularity, while letting me promote my products and my website.

  22. Sincere Traveler says:

    Hi, probably a dumb question and not related to the topic, but I ask anyway. Can I sell anything through my blog e.g. through paypal account. Would appreciate an answer. Thanks

  23. create a website says:

    I find that a lot of people stay away from wordpress hosted on their own server because they think it is too hard to install, but it’s actually so simple especially if you have a server with the one click installation like Cpanel it takes just a couple of clicks and your done

  24. Wordpress Hosting says:

    WordPress is incredibly easy to install – No one should be afraid of installing it on their own hosting solution.

  25. Mark says:

    Nice reply Blog Bloke. I agree on your thoughts as a blogger.

  26. SubmitYOURArticle.com says:

    Indeed, I really agree that one should really self host his/her own blog. I don’t know about others out there but I’ve had my own share of bad experience from a free hosted blogsite wherein they closed down my blog for reasons according to them was in violation of their ToS. What’s worse was that they were able to use my url and merely placed their ads in them, taking advantage of the pagerank I worked hard for..!

  27. Tim Bonderud Best Paying Affiliate Programs says:

    Yes i agree wordpress is easy to use and easy to modify your content, also there are so many features available for download to modify your site, and so easy to regulate your comments.The install onto your own server is very simple, there are many videos on youtube that will instruct you how to install it.

  28. lil sol says:

    Blogger is incredibly more easy to use then wordpress. Though wordpress is more profession if you host it on your own domain. The free worpress hosting is garbage if you want to be taking seriously. Go to godaddy.com or some host and run wordprss with that

  29. Lethbridge SEO Angela says:

    Local hosting is important when hosting websites that you want to rank high in the local listings. The hosting company should be from your country of origin. This is very important.

    Also I do have to agree with a commenter that Blogger is way easier to use than WordPress, when you’re starting out. Once you’ve mastered Blogger and you graduate to WordPress, you will notice enhanced userability and you will like it!

  30. nitGreen says:

    Dele Alawa,

    Yes. Its true when you host your blog on free hosting people would understand that you are not serious blogger,

    free hosting may be some restriction like,number of email ids or space as well,

    Word press and Blog . I love to blogging and its quite easy then word press.

  31. Joshua says:

    Thankyou for this usefull information I really apprectate it. Im thinking of hosting my own blog in the future.

  32. Thomas says:

    This was a great article. I provide Tennessee Web Hosting and I think hosting your own blog is beneficial if you have the technical knowledge required to maintain a hosting server on top of maintaining your blog.

  33. Houston Website Design says:

    Great write up, I love having our blog setup on our own server because it allows for greater expansion, more visitors/bandwidth, and best of all for the hundreds of wordpress widgets and add-on’s that are available online.

  34. Alejandro says:

    I use a self hosted WordPress blog for two reasons.
    1.) Link juice
    2.) Content is my property wordpress can not just shut it down.

  35. Lawrence Bergfeld says:

    I heard that you can not use the plug ins on blogger. Has anyone here had results using blogger without the plug in?


    Lawrence Bergfeld

  36. Swiss Web Hosting says:

    Very informative! I agree serious bloggers should have their own weblog hosted. It definitely has an edge in terms of getting yourself in the list of bloggers map! This article is definitely a must-read! I don’t think bloggers will have second thoughts on hosting their own blog after reading this!

  37. laser printer scanner says:

    I agree with you about using your own self hosted blog. You have way more control when you host your own site, and with content management systems like wordpress, and the wysiwyg editor, anyone can start their own site – without having to be experienced in html coding.

  38. smith says:

    Agreed. If you are going to put the time and effort into developing a blog, developing your ‘brand’, you don’t want to be renting the space from a free host, you want to own it.

    Thanks for the post.

  39. Claudia O'Keefe says:

    Search Engine marketing is one of the most powerful tools available. Our top shelf strategies will consistently produce higher rankings than any other search engine optimization company out there.

  40. David says:

    Someone talked up here about independence and that’s why i’ll never move from my own hosted blog to wordpress. Never! Maybe we have the same feeling of independence.

  41. free web hosting with ads says:

    Yes, I often like to read various blog to get any knowledge. Now i am looking for free web hosting for my personal blog. Can you suggest me please a free we hosting services that do not place ads on my website.

  42. Tom Chuong says:

    “10. Selling Rights” – this last benefit may be responsible for some of the recent surge in blogging courses by so called “expert bloggers”. If marketed properly, a blog could turn into a money making venture, and most importantly, you’re doing something that you love doing.

  43. Oliver | Ganar Dinero says:

    It is much more satisfying having a website that is a domain not a subdomain like asdf.wordpress.com. It is like a signature. Word of advice

  44. kyriousrobert says:

    all what you post are true but it took me a year to realize that it’s times to take things seriously by buying my own domain and transferring it to wordpress

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