New Delicious Gets Social Stacks, Web Playlists

Delicious, the popular social bookmarking service is relaunched with new Delicious Stacks, also called web playlists, a new way to collect links, organize them and publish them online. Then other delicious users can share and follow stacks.

new delicious

Delicious got new owners Chad Hurley and Steve Chen (the creators of YouTube), when they acquired the service from Yahoo! in April. Now they have revamped the old site from the ground up and relaunch today with a new homepage, interface and back-end architecture designed to make Delicious easier to use. Also catch this interview with the founders about the future of delicious.

New Delicious Stacks

So what’s new in Delicious? Its Stacks, which are collections of links that you can share and they like to call them playlists for the web! Select  related links and create stacks. Then customize your stack by choosing images to feature, adding a title, description and comment for each link. Then publish the stack to share it with the world and follow related stacks. They have all the social features and modern web design tools now.

We have been following Delicious over the years. You remember delicious was initially located at domain, and then they decided to drop the dots. In fact delicious was so popular that front page links could drive huge traffic and top users could earn easy money by bookmarking sites (remember the first 10 Netscape navigators).

In fact, our absolutely delicious tools collection was one of the most popular links on delicious for a long time. It has been a frustrating trend that first users migrated from Yahoo! MyWeb to Delicious, then they moved from Delicious to Google Bookmarks, and now you decide if you want to come back again…

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