Yahoo! Briefcase Free Online Storage Closing Down

Yahoo! Briefcase, the popular free file storage service associated with Yahoo! accounts will be closing on March 30, 2009. Yahoo! advises you must either download or delete your files by March 30, 2009, after which you will not be able to access your Yahoo! Briefcase account and your files will be deleted by default.

yahoo briefcase

Its nostalgic because most old-time veteran Yahoo! email users (like me) stored their files in Yahoo! briefcase; a time when the Yahoo email account offered only few MB of email storage space. But over time Yahoo email has started offering unlimited storage space (as have most other free email services), and people now store most commonly used files as email attachments, which too have grown in size. Moreover with more free online storage services expanding into the market, Yahoo briefcase was bound to face severe competition.

The ever increasing broadband internet speeds have made online files as easily accessible and downloadable as offline files on your computer with the added advantage that they can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Now lets get downloading our files from Yahoo! briefcase before I forget…


  1. vizionquest says:

    There’s plenty of competitors available to fill their spot. Briefcase was just way behind in this one. I made a comprehensive list of online storage providers that includes a comparison chart. You can filter or sort through them based on price, storage amount, features, etc. Let me know if you find any other great ones.

  2. A.Razaque says:

    This side was very good and its should not ne finish

  3. Tina Hall says:

    Thanks, This was the most clear and concise piece of information I have noticed to be available online—relative to an adequate and simple explanation of the closing of Yahoo!Briefcase.
    Thanks so Much :)
    Tina Hall

  4. Shahid says:

    This is not right.dont do this yahoo please.

  5. vicky says:

    i lost my most precious memories of my life stored on yahoo briefcase…. plz give me my memories back……….

  6. nloganathan says:

    this is not fair.the should not have offered in the beginning itself. one must foresee things. i lost my important data

  7. Jagannathan says:

    Please find the old files which i have saved to yahoo briefcase

  8. Will says:

    I wish they had warned me, i lost alot of stuff that i need. -10 respect points for Yahoo!

  9. Olans says:

    My God… I’m even now not yet coming to grasp with the loss I’m suffering with this closure. Is there any way, even if I have to pay yahoo to get at some of my files????

  10. saima says:

    i lost my all unforgetable memories of my colage life n some data related to my certain project work… ds is relly relly nt fair.

  11. kandi says:

    I will never use yahoo to ever keep anything of value. I trusted the wrong website and now I’m missing so many beautiful photos of my baby boy that I will never get back! I hope that thje same happens to the executioves making that desision.

  12. Isaias Newball says:

    Quite effectively put.

  13. Rodney saram says:

    i lost my all the important files.please how can i get it back

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