Muhammad Saleem on Tip’d [Interview]

tipdDo you submit articles to Tip’d, an active social community for financial news, ideas, and tips? Top social media celebrity and Tip’d community director Muhammad Saleem shared some insights with us which will convince you to share your stories on Tip’d.

1. Why did you decide to challenge sites like Digg in this niche?

We are actually not challenging Digg at all. The reason Tip’d has been so successful in the few months that the site has been live is that we provide a much more targeted, and a very different experience from Digg and other larger social news sites.

We started the site because we realized that the larger social news sites, due to their insistence on being all things to all people, don’t really cover any particular vertical quite comprehensively. By focusing just on the business and finance vertical (and all its sub categories) we are able to provide a much more useful, informative, and comprehensive service than Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Propeller, and so on.

2. Do you think Tip’d has made its impact in its short history?

Absolutely. Without question, Tip’d is already a substantial success. Even though many people criticized the site at launch, the site continues to grow (and grow at a faster pace) and participation is steadily increasing. We’ve had an incredibly positive reaction from the financial news and opinion blogosphere and sites continue to approach us to partner with us and install our buttons.

3. Why should bloggers add a Tip’d submit button to their site?

There are many reasons to install a Tip’d submit button to your site. By using our button, you increase the odds of your content being submitted to our site, increase the number of votes per submission, and improve the chances of your content being promoted to our front page.

The average Tip’d front page submission (which gets approximately 24 votes) is already sending around 100 unique visitors per blog post. And unlike many general purpose social news sites, the Tip’d audience is highly targeted and really interested in your content.

4. How do you control content and spam on Tip’d?

We have two lines of defenses. The first is of course our community which uses the ‘Topple’ button to moderate the spam. The second is our site moderator, Tamar, who removes any spam that slips through the cracks (however doesn’t remove any other content that is not spam).

5. What are your future plans for success of Tip’d?

We have over a hundred bug fixes and improvements in progress at the moment. We also have a great number of new features scheduled for the upcoming Tip’d 2.0 launch. We don’t want to ruin the surprise by leaking the information early, but I can guarantee that the community will be pleasantly surprised by what’s coming up.

I have been closely following the rising popularity of Tip’d, and with an amazing team at work, I am sure they will pleasantly surprise the community with their next version. What are you waiting for, try Tip’d today.

Update: Tip’d 2.0 is now released.

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