6 Free To-do List Keepers and Task Managers

To keep your task work handy, the best way is jot them down. Here are 6 excellent computer software bound to-do list and task managers to help you keep track of your activities:

1. Sticky-Notes.net

Sticker Lite is Free Sticky Notes software that allows you to create computer sticky notes to keep all information you have to remember on your PC desktop. Nice to use and light weight.

2. Ubernote

Ubernote works in all major browsers, has both an installable toolbar and a bookmarklet that lets you do the clipping. It has a tagging feature which allows you to organize tasks better

3. BackPackIt.com

The award winning and most comprehensive software for task keeping is BackPackKit. Make any combination of notes, to-dos, images, files, etc. for yourself or share them with colleagues.

4. Gmail Task Manager

It allows you to add tasks with a single keystroke. To enter a new task just click in an empty part of your list and start typing and the task gets saved automatically. To enable Tasks in Gmail, go to Settings, click the Labs tab, select “Enable” next to “Tasks” and then click “Save Changes” at the bottom.

5. TodoTxt.com

Keep on top of all your tasks and projects in a simple file called todo.txt. With a few helper scripts, you can slice, dice, sort, distribute, pipe and merge your lists any way you please.

6. Todoist.com

Todoist features a simple and intuitive interface that helps you get organized without getting in your way. Has a calendar and cross compatibility with firefox, gmail etc.

My Pick: I would personally love Gmail Task Manager as Gmail has a chat system alongside email. With a to do list manager I do not need to check up with any other software for my tasks making me more productive.

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