Download Antivirus Software for Windows 7

Windows 7 beta is available for download, but you must install antivirus software to protect and secure windows 7 from viruses, worms, trojans and malware. 3 popular software companies have release Windows 7 compatible antivirus software for immediate download.

windows7 antivirus

Kaspersky Lab has released a technical preview of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7. The technical preview is a complex solution for securing computers running under Windows 7 and the prototype includes an antivirus component with a fully functional firewall and anti-spam filter. Its also includes a heuristic analyzer, which detects and blocks as yet unknown malicious programs. There is a direct software link out there.

Symantec has released Norton 360 Version 3.0 Beta, which claims to be compatible with Windows 7. It is free to try out after you fill a form with your country name, email and accept the terms of usage; a product key reaches your email inbox instantly.

AVG has released special antivirus versions for Windows 7 for both AVG Internet Security ($54.99) and AVG Anti-virus ($34.99), but both cost money. I prefer AVG free, but it still does not support Windows 7, but I hope it will soon.

If you downloaded Windows 7, download antivirus software too to keep your computer free from viruses.


  1. Lawrence says:

    I’m running Windows7 and I installed Avast FREE, same version I used on XP (and Vista) and it works great, the same.
    I now have an uptime of 2 days and abouts 10 hours! :)

  2. Hamid says:

    I just downloaded and installed the avg free on my windows 7 machine last night and it is working flawlessly.

  3. tarot says:

    I tested Windows 7 on my vmware,it looks very cool, and is better than vista!

  4. will says:

    Windows 7 is theoretically supposed to work with all programs that work on Vista – but it is only a beta so their might be some stability issues.

  5. Syed Imran says:

    which is the best antivirus software for Windows 7 ?

  6. Ezed says:

    I am using Windows 7 Ultimate RC Built 7100. Using Kaspersky 8 , which is xclusive for Windows 7. Working fine .

  7. satya says:

    go for norton internet security 2010.
    it is better and lighter than norton 360.

  8. Damodar says:

    I am installing kaspersky internet security 2009 with windows 7 but its showing some components are not working with us & i try to repair but still facing a problem ? which is the best antivirus & fully compitable with windows 7 ?

  9. Deb says:

    use quick heal or kaspersky nothing best from them

  10. Nishant says:

    i m using windows 7 but i don’t know which antivires will be the best and most secure pleas help if anyone knows

  11. sanjeev says:

    window 7 antivirus kaspersky is the best

  12. BALA says:

    Best antivirus for windows 7 geniune is MICROSOFT SECURITY ESSENTIAL free strong antivirus

  13. waleedjeee says:

    avasst is a best antivirus for 2010

  14. zuhair says:

    hi i wanted set up file links of quick heal 11 ( for windows 7

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