WordPress Comment Pagination Causes Duplicate Content Pages

WordPress 2.7 brought out some great new features, a major one being comment pagination, which basically breaks all comments into multiple comment pages so that they are more organized, easier to read and lead to faster loading of pages when there are thousands of comments out there.

When I checked my Google Webmaster tools today, it notified me of hundreds of duplicate title tags and duplicate meta descriptions pages on our site which were not there before. A quick look at this duplicate content issue revealed it was caused by multiple comment pages.

duplicate comment pages

As you see most of these pages had comment-page-1 type links. But our wordpress theme did NOT support comment pagination, so we had not actively enabled this feature. But a look at the WordPress Admin > Discussion area revealed the feature was checked by default.

break comments

I checked other blogs also which I had upgraded to WordPress 2.7, and all had the same duplicate page issue. The problem was that this very useful feature was checked by default. The basis was that if your theme was compatible with WordPress 2.7 (like QuickPress), it would start working automatically, however, if your theme did not support the feature, it did not make a difference.

You might be having the same issue, if your theme does not support comment pages, and if you have not made a voluntary effort to upgrade your theme – Simply uncheck the box and you are done. The duplicate pages will go away easily. Duplicate content pages is a major search engine optimization (SEO ) problem and its best to fix it early. I hope WordPress unchecks the box in the next release.


  1. feir says:

    Hi I posted a solution for the pagination duplicate content, you may take a look into.http://www.gexiaofei.com/20081218469.html (In Chinese, but the code you may use in you theme fuctions.php)

  2. SATISH -- Technotip.org says:

    Thanks for sharing this issue.

    I changed my settings.

    But fortunately or unfortunately my webmasters tool had not shown me any such notifications..probably because I never had any article with 50 comments :)

  3. Sarpras says:

    I already changed my settings.

  4. Austin says:

    The first commenter’s solution is cut and pasted (with no attribution) from mine, which is in English:


  5. malcolm coles says:

    And building on Austin’s solution, you can also make your titles and meta descriptions unique on each comment page by using a short bit of PHP:

  6. saravanakumar says:

    Really great article! I wish I had something like this when I started using .

  7. travel explorer says:

    thanks for the info i was having the same problem

  8. infopemula says:

    Thanks to share this useful tips

  9. Urdu Sms says:

    Thanks for nice sharing… great

  10. james says:

    Hi guys,great tips…. thank u

  11. james says:

    thanks… its great

  12. Introspective says:

    I used to publish my articles, but now I wander should I stop doing this, because the risk of duplicate content penalty. Should I stop publish my articles on article directories?

  13. dwitv says:

    thanks for the post i was looking for ever how to get this fixed

  14. jarrad newman says:

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  16. libra321 says:

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  17. infotama says:

    Thanks i change my setting now :D

  18. Series Surfer says:

    thumbs up to you for getting it to work :D

  19. Trung Nguyen says:

    I never think about this problem, is it hurt for SEO? If it is, I must have to change it right now for my blog.

  20. Terry.A says:

    Thanks for the info. I have a question though on duplicate content. I have posted on my blog page information on directors duties, had comments on it, then updated the with a fuller post to the same URL. Now when I try and see the full post I can only see it through the Recent Comments widget rather than via the blog or the tags. Please help.
    Thanks terry

  21. Naziman Blogger Malaysia says:

    i have the same problem but i don’t know how to overcome it other than make it long comment without pagination.

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