Press Any Key! Where is ANY Key on Keyboard?

Can you search and find the ANY key on your keyboard? My friend was prompted by the computer to “Press ANY key to continue” and he could not locate the ANY key! I know it sounds simple enough and is merely a trick of words, but is a common computer troubleshooting question.

Search ANY Key

Where is the ANY key?

Professional tech support can help you find ANY key

In case you still did not get it, there is no ANY key on the computer keyboard. It basically means you can press any key on the keyboard – a,b,c,d,e, 4, F1, SPACE… and the computer program will continue. That’s it.

Next time, don’t get frustrated.

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  1. vivek says:

    i really did not think that is till now that even this can be an issue.
    sure the customer care people have a really hard time. :)

  2. Shane says:

    Samsung actually released a DVD-Recorder with an anykey on the remote – with specific uses for the anykey – just goes to show how a quirk of language can be turned around to utility when you stop overthinking it

  3. AskYourPC says:

    LOL, I remember seeing that on the Simpsons once.

  4. mohammad kamal qasim says:


  5. Yang Yang says:

    One of the solutions might be to manufacture a keyboard with the real Any key. lol~

  6. Chris Martin says:

    ha ha haa !!!hilarious indeed

  7. budianto gunawan says:

    i guess next time they should made a keyboard with an ‘any’ key in it.hehehe…

  8. Jesse Chisholm says:

    Unfortunately, “any key” doesn’t really mean _any_ key.

    It does no good to hit the “SHIFT” key, “CTRL” key or “ALT” key as these are key modifiers and do not send an actual KEY code to the computer. They do send keyboard SCAN codes to the computer, but few, if any, programs check for SCAN codes as well as KEY codes.


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