Top Social Networking Sites in India

Which is the most popular social networking site in India? Its not Facebook, its Orkut. Comscore in its latest report tracked the top social networking sites in India, and found that global social networking brands like Orkut, Facebook, hi5, LinkedIn and MySpace continued to gain prominence in India during the year.

orkutThey elaborate that Orkut is the most visited social networking site in India this December 2008 with more than 12.8 million visitors, an increase of 81 percent from the previous year. In fact Orkut’s audience is three times its nearest competitor Facebook.

Facebook is second most popular Indian social networking site with 4 million visitors, up 150 percent versus year ago. The third most popular social networking site is … surprise … Bharatstudent, with 3.3 million visitors (up 88 percent) followed by hi5 with 2 million visitors (up 182 percent).

Other popular networking sites in India featured in the list in descending order are ibibo, Myspace, LinkedIn, PerfSpot, BigAdda and Fropper. Now you have more sites to check out and track your friends.

I remember an earlier article tracking the most popular social networks around the world, which suggested that LinkedIn might be the most popular social network in India, but watchful QOT readers Quakeboy and Rajesh had commented even then that Orkut was the most popular one!


  1. Ranjana says:

    Orkut is the best and is more user friendly

  2. vbharat says:

    vbharat is up coming social networking site with many tools to stay connected with friends and family, and colleagues.

  3. Chirag says:

    Thoug orkut remains the most popular social networking site for youngesters in india. But facebook is catching up and the difference is decreasing at a very fast rate.And linkedin is no way popular in india.Not more than 2% of the people usin social networking site wouls b using linkedin

  4. Boss says:

    Hi orkut is widely used & itz the same case for Facebook. i found a new & trendy site recently.. here is the link for fellows who wish to socialize with indians (mainly nri)

  5. krishna kanth says:

    I like orkut and Ibibo because in Ibibo free calls to friends option is there and we can create free blog, we can earn money, we can view our gmail/yahoo mails like so many options are there in

  6. Badal J says:

    At the outset thanks for the list. It is helpful. Just wanted to add a point here. Many of us have expressed our opinion on which site they liked and so on…but one needs to understnad that all the sites do not cater to same audience and hence should not be benchmarked togather either. LinkedIn is an excellent site for professionals and should not be pitched against Facebook/Orkut which are mainnly for fun.

  7. neha says:

    Orkut is good but i think its not as useful for professional as linkedin or facebook….my first choice is linkedin.

  8. Lopsang says:

    How about bebo?

  9. subh says:

    ibibo is best social networking site according to me..hope ibibo reaches its deserved heights.

  10. says: – Follow all Bollywood Star Twitter status updates in one place!!!

  11. Insta Group says:

    Most of them have similar area and working style….no too much highly tech. Orkut, FaceBook are best names.

  12. Monika Singh says:

    Promote some indian social media site like from IBIBO.COM, humsurfer etc.

  13. Ashutosh Pandey says:

    Though the post is Nice and thought provoking but i think that you have missed some sites to mention here such as and -a photo and video sharing site on twitter.
    As the trends speaks that twitter is having 11 rank in the word and twitsnaps is in top 1000 sites in India and no.1 in photo sharing domain in India.
    They must be included here to complete your post.



    Orkut and facebook seem to be the sites mentioned the most times.

    Orkut – great features. For users have great many friends its real real fun. Wt wid its diff communities, scraps, testimonials, vids, photos, Various different applications… Orkut has it all but one’s gotta luk around a bit.

    Facebook – has great features too… Fun! Different groups, postings on walls, vids, links, photos, a vast vast collection of games, ads, etc etc.

    Orkut and facebook has it all.. Orkut is a little more secure site. With more of privacy… Facebook on the other hand, is more like an open book, u do have privacy but their way of displayin updates, n all seems more open.

    Both share the same features, but their way of presenting differs. It depends on the user’s choice.

    I don’t think it would be fair to compare dem both. Both of dem are fantabulous in their own way ;) Njoy dem! :D

  15. Sameer says:

    I like ‘facebook’ than ‘orkut’ as it is simple and browsable friendly.

  16. Jignesh says:

    Orkut was first social website which i have used.But nowadays people mostly use facebook it easy and games are really awesome!!

    Facebook is also useful for website.

  17. Philip says:

    Here it is for people who are interested in shopping. The social network for shoppers across the world

  18. Saurabh says:

    Well Guys…… Dont Forget about Twitter, which is used by lots of people in India, though its micro blogging website, but a medium to be social. Orkut is slow and good for starters, Face-book is for advance users.

    There are other Social Networking websites also, which are there but with the presence of these websites they are not very rich in popularity and has less followers.

  19. Ramesh.v says:

    I think facebook?!

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