Change Google Adsense Font Family to Increase CTR

Now webmasters can change the Google Adsense font family to further blend the ads with their website design and increase CTR to make more money online.

We previously showed some Adsense font testing screenshots, and it was clear Google Adsense was testing different font families to blend ads better with the site design, prompting more clicks and earning more money for Adsense publishers. Adjusting your site fonts to match Google Adsense font types and size is an old strategy to increase CTR, and now they made chosing the font easier.

adsense fonts

Now webmasters can choose from 3 different fonts – Arial, Times Roman and Verdana, or continue with the “Standard Adsense font family” setting. You can test the live preview of these ads from the Adsense admin panel itself. You can change the setting for individual ad units or do global changes to all your ad units from Account > Ad Display Preference > Edit > Choose preferred font > Save changes.

Although they had tested several font families in earlier tests, its good they limited the font types to a popular few, you might not like ad units with the font below

adsense fonts

So how can you change the font size? Well that is a privilege of Premium Adsense accounts which can change a font size as well as ad unit size at will. Till then you can change your site font size to match the ad font size.

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