New Google Adsense Expandable Ads

Google Adwords now allows advertisers to create Expandable ads to display on sites with Google Adsense. Expanding the rich media ads to the next level, it is bound to meet with mixed reactions from Adsense publishers.

Expandable ads are basically rich media ads that will expand beyond the original ad size after a user-initiated action.

Expandabel ads

Here are some facts about Expandable Adsense Ads you need to know

  • Expandable ads can be priced on a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) basis.
  • In CPC ads, no earnings when user clicks to expand the ad.
  • In CPC expandable ads, you earn only when a user visits the advertiser’s landing page
  • Mouseovers or rollovers won’t trigger the ad.
  • Ads expand only after user clicks and interacts with the ad.
  • Ads won’t expand more than double its width or height.
  • Ads appear as a layer over the page content
  • Your content will not be modified or shifted in any way.
  • The user may close the expanded panel at any time.
  • Publishers can use Ad Review Center to block placement-targeted expandable ads on your site.
  • Expandable ads will be served as third-party ads, created by Google-certified rich media vendors for the top display advertisers in the network

If you have enabled image ads in your Adsense code, your site is eligible to display such ads. However, expandable ads are currently only available only to specific advertisers located in the U.S.

What are your thoughts on these ads?

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