More WordPress Pages Get Google SiteLinks!

Google grants Sitelinks in Google search results to popular websites to help users reach deeper into these sites and find what they are looking for. I spotted that WordPress was being granted sitelinks for their subdomains, categories and several important pages too.

I was searching for wordpress and found this search result with sitelinks for WordPress. Fair enough since its a term generating millions of queries.

wordpress sitelinks

At the bottom of the search results, when I clicked on some of the links for Searches related to WordPress

wordpress sitelinks tags

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I found that some of the popular pages for wordpress also displayed sitelinks.

wordpress sitelinks2

Even popular plugin pages had their own sitelinks!

wordpress sitelinks1

It is a useful addition by Google Sitelinks as it provides more information to the user aboutthe unknown popular categories, pages and subdomains of an already very popular site. And that is what Google Sitelinks is all about anyway.

Then I searched for similar sitelinks across more popular sites, but it works for WordPress query only. I am sure there are more such examples out there – Have you noticed it for any other site?

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