Download Microsoft Windows Vista SP2

Now Windows Vista users can download Microsoft Windows Vista SP2, the latest and probably the last official service pack to this Windows edition.

windows vistaEarlier Microsoft had released Windows Vista SP2 Beta as part of a Customer Preview Program (CPP) launched on TechNet and was intended for technology enthusiasts, developers, and IT Pros. The Beta version was a prerelease and provided for testing only. As of April 28th, 2009 the Windows Vista SP software2 Beta program concluded.

Now the Vista service packs 2 are available for download by the public. Windows Vista SP2 is an update to Windows Vista and that supports new kinds of hardware and emerging hardware standards, and includes all updates delivered since SP1. Service Pack 1 is a prerequisite for installing Service Pack 2. Please make sure that your system is running Service Pack 1 before you install Service Pack 2. Download Windows Vista SP1 if you want to try SP2.

Download Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (and Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2)- Five Language Standalone (348 MB).

BTW Windows users can also download Windows 7 RC, the release candidate of the latest version of Windows 7 (free for 1 year). They can try the Windows 7 upgrader to see if your computer is powerful enough to run the new Windows software.

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