Free Google Profile Business Cards

Need free business cards featuring your Google Profile? Google has partnered with and they are giving away 10000 sets of 25 Google profile business cards totally free to show off your profile.

Matt McGee says that people logged into their Google accounts can visit their profile and see the offer. However, I logged into my Google profile, but saw no offer. Moreover, the url which he posted turned 404. Firstly I thought that was because the offer is available in US only. But I realized my profile was not public as yet. So first create and update your Google Profile, and see how to represent yourself on Google products to other Google users.

full name in profile

So I set up my public profile here
display name

and then created a short display url.
pchere profile

And behold! On top of my profile was the offer

google cards

That link points to

And that page displays a sample business card like this

google card

Each person can get 25 free business cards like this, with the Google home page, with your name in the search box and your Google Profile URL below in green. But remember this offer is available to U.S. continental street addresses only, so though my profile displayed the offer, I cannot use it.

Anyway for US people – after that you need to create a free account and confirm the information on the sample business card, fill in your shipping and email information and your personal Google profile business cards should come in 10-12 days!

Update: I checked what some people noticed – if you add the trailing slash at the end of the url, it leads to 404 Profile Not Found (only after logging into your Google Account)

and NOT

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