How to Clean Dirty CD, DVD

Do you know how to clean a CD or DVD? Every time you keep your CD outside the pouch, there is a high possibility that the CD could get dirty, smudged or fingerprinted. And the problem with most of you is that you want to clean it but you don’t know how to clean it in such a dirty condition. How do you remove fingerprints, dust and debris?

Clean Dirty CD, DVD

dirty CD

For all those who want to clean a dirty CD with minimum effort in the cheapest way, follow the process with simple steps given below in order.

  • Find yourself a container (a medium sized one which is good enough to submerge a disk in it)
  • Squeeze into the container a table spoon of liquid soap or window cleaning solution. You can also use all-natural cleaning liquid made out of distilled water.
  • Now pour clean water into the container and fill it. Now the water should become soapy once it gets mixed with the cleaning solution added whatsoever.
  • Now put the dirty disk into the container filled with soapy water. Leave it there for about a minute or two.
  • Now remove the disk from the soapy water container and rinse it with running warm water.
  • Repeat the process if the disk is still a bit dirty. In case the smudges on the disk are stubborn, you can use a soft cloth to rub soap on those parts.
  • Finally shake off the excess water and let the disk to dry naturally. Do not use any artificial blower or hair drier.

Now you have your shiny good as new CD which can be easily run on your computer and there are less chances of getting data copy errors on running it.

This guest article was written by Amit Bhawani ( writes different articles on cleaning anything. Photo by Violets and Handshakes (under CC)

WARNING: Use this technique at your OWN RISK. If you have important stored data, seek professional help to clean your CD. We take no responsibility for data loss or CD damage.

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