6 Best Sites to Download Free Fonts

Where can you download free fonts? If you are a graphic designer then you would constantly look out for new fonts to suit your work and needs. And, finding the right font for a work is really tricky. Here are some of the sites that offer free font downloads.

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Download Free Fonts

1) 1001freefonts.com: This site has a large database of various fonts. It enables you to search for the fonts and preview the selected font prior to downloading it. You can download fonts for Windows and Mac OS X.

2) Urbanfonts.com: This site also has got over 8,000 freeware fonts for you to choose from. You can search for the font type, preview the selected font in the same window and download the font file. The font file contains the rules for the entire font family such that you need not download any extra file. You can find both bit mapped and scalable fonts in this site.

3) Betterfonts.com: Offers thousands of fonts for free download. You can quickly preview and download different fonts of your choice. From the font list present in the left frame on the site you can select the font type and the quick preview of the selected font type is generated automatically. By clicking on the “download font now” button you can download the select font instantly.

4) Searchfreefonts.com: This site has over 13,000 free fonts to choose from. All the font files are arranged in categories such that you can find the font file of your choice easily. After you have selected the font file you can preview the selected font style and download it.

5) Dafont.com: In this site selecting a font of your choice is easy. The font files are arranged category wise such that you can choose a category and select the required font style from it. You can also instant preview a font style and download it. This site offers widest range of font styles. You can even find fonts of different languages apart than English.

6) Fonts500.com: This site features the top 500 fonts that are been downloaded by users from some of the web’s biggest free font archives. At a glance, you may find the desired font style easily. By clicking on the font icon you can directly download the font file.

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