Download Free PDF eBooks at World eBook Fair

The Fourth Annual World eBook Fair has started and you can download 2 million free PDF ebooks from July 4th to August 4th, 2009.

Book Fair
Photo by Radioher (under CC license)

The goal of the World eBook Fair is to provide free access for a month to 2 Million eBooks from Project Gutenberg, The World Public Library, The Internet Archive, eBooks About Everything etc. Browse the huge book collections and find free ebooks to download.

During the rest of the year you can download  selection of  500,000 PDF eBooks by joining the World Public Library at an annual membership of $8.95 per year. So this is a good time to download ebooks for free.


  1. Mayank (From India) says:

    wooooow this is great news will download as many as possible

  2. Paul says:

    Yeah… although when I tried to download from the eBookAboutEverything site, linked from the frontpage of the fair, it still wants to charge me!

    I think that the free ones are the ones that are always free….

    Can anyone confirm this?


    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      You have to use the search box of the World eBook fair. That deal is valid on that site only.

  3. Ramu says:

    Broadmind required to share with public like this free of cost @ some extent

  4. Mister.King says:

    Its a great opportunity for all. Thanks..!

  5. Rizwan Khan says:

    It is a rare opportunity for book lovers. The world of knowledge is at our door steps.

  6. ebooks says:

    Hi, I enjoyed this! Ive been looking for info on this topic. Thanks,,

  7. Pravuram Panda says:

    Many many thanks for providing this service.

  8. free ebooks download says:

    thanks great post

  9. Konappa D says:

    World e book fair is the golden offer for Readers

    Best regards…

    D.Konappa (Librarian)

  10. Carlos says:

    It’s free to sign up! But the Ebooks are not!

  11. Haque M A says:


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