Why Does Google Front Page Show a Barcode?

Have you checked out the Google front page today? The Google logo is replaced by a barcode! Is this a new Google doodle? Click on the barcode and it leads you to these results.


Google is celebrating the 57th anniversary of the first patent on the bar code. And any  barcode reader will probably read the above code as Google!


  1. Saurabh Kumar says:

    nice Google logo in barcode display because 57th anniversary of barcode.

  2. Yang says:

    I thought my N95 could read that but after a few failures, seemed it couldn’t.

  3. Mr.Carrot13 says:

    So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. ,

  4. Search Engine Marketing Minneapolis says:

    If you take a scanner from any of your local retail buddies who have a scanner you can put it up to the computer next time Google puts the barcode up and then you will see the current value of Google Inc.!

  5. Sam Daniel says:

    I never found this kind of Barcode in Google?

  6. broker says:

    I missed this logo. Sad:
    From time to time Google logo changed in honor of holidays celebrated by people around the world. It’s a smart thing!

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