15 Best Tips, Tricks, Strategy for Monopoly City Streets

Here are some best tips, tricks, tactics and strategy moves for playing the Monopoly City Streets game. Follow these practical tactics and rise on the Monopoly City Streets Leaderboard quickly. I have been addicted to the game since it started.  Here are some quick tips to succeed….

Monopoly City Streets

1. Buy extra long streets – Buy super long streets above M$5 million as they are the best way to make more money on Monopoly City Streets. Longer streets are expensive, but have higher rents values. Moreover, you can build a huge amount of property than smaller streets, and earn a really huge rental. Buy the longest streets you can afford, get lots of real estate on the street and see the rent accumulate rapidly. There are many $10 Million streets out on the highways, find them now – zoom out and look for the red “for sale” signs.

2. Small buildings earn more rent – How do you decide which building to build? Have you seen why so many players build so many small houses instead of big buildings? Firstly, the multiple small  houses pay a better rent than one building of the same value e.g. the smallest house costs $50000 and also earns a rent of $50000, while  a huge million dollar building will cost much more and give much lesser rental. Secondly, many people try to block all placements on their street so no one can put hazard buildings on their street. So what is the disadvantage? Your streets earning potential is limited as smaller buildings give less rent. As you grow richer, sell these houses and replace with more expensive buildings to increase rent.

3. Don’t sell sabotaged streets – So you login and find your street is sabotaged with a hazard building. Don’t worry and keep expanding your network, maybe even build more. Don’t panic and sell the street for a really low price, just because it makes no rent. Just by chance, a demolish chance card may come along , and make your street high rental back again, or simply place a bonus building and the effect is nullified.

4. Buy 5 streets – Don’t just stick with very few streets. If you have 1-2 long streets, with hundreds of buildings which earn a huge rental, and you get a hazard building, all your rental stops. If you have several high paying streets, at least most of the rental continues, and you have  a better chance to stay active and get chance cards, till you free the street. But dont buy more than 5 streets as tax starts after that at rate of 3% per street. So if you buy 38 streets, your rental is zero! Buy upto 5 streets and pay no tax.

5. Put more bonus buildings on special streets – Instead of scattering all your bonus buildings on multiple streets, secure your highest earning street with multiple bonus buildings. Players will never waste their demolish cards destroying multiple bonus buildings, and then getting a sabotage building in place, unless you have made real enemies with them. More bonus buildings discourages people and send them finding some other street.

6. Keep low profile – No one cares you build your empire in the heart of the most populated city or on the outskirts of a lonely city no one ever heard about. Its the long streets and properties which matter. And if you can quietly develop your empire, and save it with bonus buildings, and keep getting the huge rents without getting sabotaged with hazard buildings you will rise very fast. So keep a low profile and don’t fight for that street in front of your house. Its great to rise on the local leaderboard with only a few players, and while you make it to the national leaderboard, you are way ahead.

6. Don’t make enemies – How will you react if someone sabotaged your most pricey rent street with a hazard building? I am sure you would retaliate and sabotage all their streets given the first chance. You have  an option to discard (not use) a sabotage card if you get one. So think twice before using a hazard card – don’t make unnecessary enemies. Just as you got this card, they will too. But if you are going to do it, spot your competitors on the leaderboard and get them. Why not make friends and rise together.

7. Build more houses – If you observe closely, the huge rental income comes from the property you build on it. Simply buying a street does not give you any great income. The more you property you build, the more the property value rises, more rent  you get and more your net worth becomes. As space on you street gets limited, you can sell cheaper buildings and put  more expensive buildings to increase street rental. So the longer street you have, the more it can earn.

8. Pay no tax –  There is no sense in accumulating needless streets. Only keep and build on your select great streets. Once you cross 5 streets, you have to pay 3% tax per street. So if you have 38 streets, you pay 100% tax which makes you no rental income. Stick to 5 streets and pay no tax.

9. Follow top players – Learn what the top players on the winners ladders are doing and how they make those millions so easily. See how they have so few streets, so much property, all the Chance cards they need, and how they keep rising on the charts. Follow them and learn from them. See which streets they just sold and which players they are spying – you could get a good deal.

10. Login every day – You get rent only if you login daily. No login, no rent for the day. So losing the precious millions of monopoly dollars simply because you did not login, is a total waste of money and a sure chance to fall from the leaderboard. Even if you dont play, but simply keep logging in, your streets will keep earning huge rental. Be warned that if you forget to login for 2 weeks, all your streets are gone!

11. Fill up streets – Don’t leave any empty space on your street, instead fill it up with houses. People with hazard cards, will first need a demolish card to remove  a building to create space, then place a hazard building. If your street is full, they will go elsewhere. If you have a long street, you can fill with cheaper houses.

12. Find inactive players – Find players who have low activity and bid to buy their expensive streets. The rule is if they do not respond to your request in 7 days, you win the street however ridiculous the price! Once you find low activity players with long streets, send your request – and you might just get them. Add them to your spy list. There are many players losing interest and the smart players are watching.

13.  Add bonus buildings on sabotaged streets –  So your street is sabotaged with a hazard building and stops earning rent. Don’t keep waiting for a demolish card to remove the hazard! Instead place a bonus building on the sabotaged street, and the the rent starts even with the hazard building still there!

14. Get more chance cards – Although it is still not clear how Monopoly City players get more chance cards, here are a few things which worked for me –  Place buildings at streets ends, place lots of buildings on streets, place clustered buildings at intersections, show lots of activity which increases your chances of getting chance cards.

15 Demolish competitors bonus buildings –  So you want to stop your competitor, but they have bonus buildings on the street. Did you know you can demolish these bonus buildings too and make their  most costly street vulnerable to hazards. Once any street is vulnerable, anyone can sabotage it. So do they have multiple bonus buildings? Keep reducing their number, and eventually you or some other competitor might sabotage it eventually.

And here is the most important tip –

16. Have fun – Don’t be afraid to sell your worse streets and bid to buy better streets. The game of monopoly is  not about sitting on long streets and grabbing rent, its about trading and playing the game to have fun. If you are earning millions, but not enjoying the game – then you need to sit up, trade, make friends, sabotage streets, spy more and get more active and actually enjoy the game – after thats what it is all about – FUN!

What are your favorite strategies in Monopoly City Streets? Post in comments.

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