3 Quick Tips to Connect Your Site to Social Media

Social media is still growing steadily. Connecting your site with major social media portals can help build your traffic and reputation. Here are 3 quick tips to connect your site to social media:

1. Connect Your Site to Your Facebook Page

Many businesses want to use Facebook for social media and branching out to the community but are hesitant to use a personal profile. A commonly used alternative is Facebook Pages. These are set up like user profiles but are intended to be used by businesses. They can be custom designed to appeal to your market.

Facebook has created what is called Facebook Badges to use for your Facebook Page. This is a widget that contains your Page image, the name, and the latest status, plus a listing of the number of fans your page has. All of these elements are optional and can be edited inside of the Badges page, as well as being arranged horizontally, vertically, or in a box with two columns. To put one of these badges on your page, you choose what type of page you want to put the code in (from the badges widget page), select the code, and then copy and paste it into your HTML code on your page. Now people can find your Facebook page that much more easily!

2. Share Your Site Content on Facebook

Sometimes you just have good content on your web site that you want to have shared in the Facebook community. And the way to do this is to use another Facebook widget: the Share Button.

To do this, you put the code available on the Share Button page into your web site. You can share content, audio, video, and Flash – but to have Facebook find relevant multimedia information, you need to put the proper code into your web site’s page before the sharing script knows what to share. And to find this code, just look at Facebook’s Meta Tags for the Facebook Share page.

3. Help Visitors to Tweet Your Content

Twitter is quickly catching up to Facebook in its power as a social media monster. And because of this, many people want to be able to push their content across Twitter. Being part of social media, an easy way to help spread your content is by allowing your visitors to Tweet your content (if they find it interesting enough).

There are different tools for Twitter plugins, but one of the most popular ones seen across the web is TweetMeme. It’s not hard to do, and the developers have been kind enough to create ways to put this tool into your web page or blog posts, embed it in your emails, add it to your RSS feeds or to add it with a plugin to CMSs such as WordPress.


To find the version that best fits your site (or wherever you want to let people Tweet your content), look on TweetMeme’s Retweet Button page. You can see an example of this button at the top right of this post!

These are only a few of the ways to connect your site to social media and vice versa, but they are quick and fairly easy to do. Try one or all of them out and get your site connected to the social network!

This guest post is by Eric Gesinski who does web design at tulsamarketingonline.com, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. You can also write a guest article and share your favorite tools.

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