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The Google Chrome Extensions have finally arrived and you can download Google chrome extensions and add extra functionality to the speedy Google Browser. Extensions let you customize Google Chrome with features you like while keeping your browser free of the clutter that you don’t use.

However, though I was running the latest updated version of Google Chrome on PC, I was unable to install any Google Chrome Extensions. I got this message “Extensions are not yet supported in this version of Google Chrome. Please download the Beta Channel of Google Chrome to install extensions.”


Well, it seems to use Google chrome extensions, first, you need to download Google Chrome Beta, which works only on Windows Vista/XP SP2+. This Beta version will let you preview the latest features, give early feedback, and keep getting Beta updates, however, they warn you can only have one version of Google Chrome at a time.

So I went ahead and installed the Google Chrome beta, and tried the new functionality. There are lots of extensions to choose from. I tried downloading a few, but most of them have major warnings associated with them, which scared me away!


But I am sure I will install a few popular Google Chrome extensions as I finish writing this…


  1. Chris Peterson says:

    It’s great. It looks like Chrome’s extensions are more useful and a lot more than Opera’s. I have one question to you that I need page rank and alexa rank checker, how do I actually install these addons.

  2. Gadget Sleuth says:

    Chrome is nice, but isn’t compatible with some website functionality, which Firefox is. I’ll stick with FF for now.

  3. Kunal says:

    It will all depend on which browser gets the developer’s interests and at this point in time i would it will be Google in the future.

  4. used BMW cars says:

    Before almost 6 months, I have downloaded the Google Chrome. I really found it very handy, easy to use and much more beneficial and just because of its simplicity, I became a regular user of this. More better things about Google chrome is its automatic data collection, that you don’t have to be very cautious to remember most of the things. After that when this extension launched, and came to know about this, I have even downloaded it and believe me its just amazing..

  5. blueshell says:

    I like to use Chrome for its fast speed but it doesn’t have that many add-ons like FireFox which make my browsing experience personalized. Now I use both Chrome and Firefox and I hope Chrome will have more extensions.

  6. amin says:

    i lik this google

  7. Web Design Services Atlanta says:

    i like Google chrome as i am already very much familiar with Google search engine.

  8. best friend says:

    I feel myself visiting to your web site simply because you have umpteen strong sentiments and you have a couple of items like Download Google Chrome Extensions, that is really cheering and hints you have some insights on this. Keep sparking off opinions in other people! I actually appreciate the manner you have written this.

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