Farmville Gifts Crunchie Awards to All Farmville Fans

Farmville has gifted a Crunchie award to all Farmville players. Farmville is celebrating its Crunchie award with all its fans. I found this pop up notice as soon as I logged into Farmville.

farmville wins crunchie award

Farmville is one of the most popular games app on Facebook with millions of players and recently won the best social application award at the Crunchies awards. So what better way to let all Farmville fans know that they won the Crunchie award.

Farmville crunchie award

So peep into your Farmville gift box and find the Crunchie award, place it on your farm and get 200XP instantly and you can always sell it off for 100 coins. Did you know you can now also play at


  1. Handy says:

    all applications gives gifts to increase numbers of fans

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    That’s good! It’s not strange. Generally application like games gives gift to increase fans.

  3. Dale McCulley says:

    I recieved the Crunchie Award and bonus and left my farm for a few minutes and when I came back my award was still there but my bonus points were gone.

  4. maverick00010 says:

    Sounds Great for the farm ville fans.

  5. Ted Marengo says:

    Hi, this is one great looking article! Thank you for posting this. I was trying to find for a site that has this kind of info. I just crazy about farmville! Thankful I found this one! I’ll be going in here again for sure! lol

  6. Kathryn Wheat says:

    Love this game. Play it all the time. Thanks

  7. talent videos says:

    as a final point identified someplace with some valuable specifics. thanks alot and keep it coming :)

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