3 Great Greasemonkey Scripts To Customize Facebook

Do you know of some great Greasemonkey scripts to customize Facebook? If you use Firefox regularly, good chances are that you heard about Greasemonkey. With Greasemonkey installed on your Firefox, you can add hundreds of custom scripts to power up your browsing experience. If you are an avid Facebook user, you would be glad to know that many Greasemonkey scripts that enhance your Facebook experience are out there waiting for you to use them. In this post, we will cover three great scripts that let you make Facebook your own:

1. Facebook Colour Changer

Do you ever get bored of the blue color that Facebook loves so much? Now you can change these colors by using the Facebook Colour Changer script. Once you have installed the script from here, you can set the color for any Facebook page. To do this, go to Tools > Greasemonkey > Userscript commands. Select the customize Facebook colors option.

facebook layout changer

A color selector would then pop up allowing you to select any color you want for that specific Facebook page.

facebook background

Clicking on set will change the color of that page.

2. Facebook Fixer

Facebook Fixer is one of the most popular Greasemonkey scripts for revamping your Facebook. It allows you to customize your home page, display larger profile pictures and photos, integrate Google calendar and Apple’s iCal, download videos, and use keyboard shortcuts for various Facebook tasks.

You can hide unwanted sections from your Facebook home page using this script. You can also translate any text on Facebook with a single keystroke. A very cool feature of Facebook Fixer lets you replace Facebook timestamps. For example, if you updated your status 45 minutes ago, you can change it to “2 minutes ago”.

Facebook Fixer also lets you stretch your Facebook homepage to 100% width for better reading.

3. Two-Column Facebook Layout

This Greasemonkey script lets you move your Filters from left-hand side to the right-hand side. So instead of a 3-column layout, you will have a 2-column layout with more space for each column. It works with the Facebook layout shrinker which can be added to your Firefox just like a Greasemonkey script.

These Greasemonkey scripts allow you to customize your Facebook experience by giving you more control over the look and feel of your Facebook pages. What other scripts do you think should be included in the list?

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