Why Choose Flash Applets Instead of Java Applets?

Are Flash applets better than Java applets? Java has been permanently dominating in the web industry for a very long period of time. But it is not the same today. Flash is becoming popular each day and as you can see, most of the web browsers support Flash better.

It has been a permanent curse to Java that it still not compatible with the most used browsers today and with all the other systems as well. This big drawback alienates Java from the web design industry. One of the main reasons for Java not clearing the clouds is because of its minor disputes between Sun Microsystems and Microsoft.

Why Flash Applets

The advantages of using flash applets –

  • The greatest advantage when using flash applets is that the programmer can be sure of its compatibility on all browsers that runs on windows, MAC and LINUX. Until this very day, there have been complaints about Java when running on different browsers.
  • In a web page, flash gets executed prior to any other code on the web. One can clearly see the difference in the Internet Explorer. Even on Netscape, most of the times, Java takes a very long time to load and initialize depending upon the style in which they are programmed.
  • Flash plug-ins are available everywhere. The company has made very serious efforts in promoting their plug-ins on all possible browsers that requires a flash plug-in for the page to get executed. Sun Microsystems till date has not shown any improvement or an effort to make Java fully compatible with all browsers.
  • Microsoft, the giant in producing operating systems are in good terms with Flash. A few of the most necessary plug-ins are even distributed by Microsoft themselves. This is not the same case with Java. It is very important that a leading company like Microsoft stick to one side for executing of applications and flash has made it through. This is a huge blow to Java.

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