Is Your Blog “Bookmark” Worthy? 5 Tell-Tale Signs

Is your blog “Bookmark” worthy? Let’s face it. All Bloggers feel that their blogs are pretty bodacious! It’s the same sense of pride of ownership some feel with a car or a kid. :-) We tinker, toil and tweak, and with a sense of satisfaction, release it to the world. It’s a reflection of who we are.

But let’s not kid ourselves. Though many bloggers claim that their online journals are “birthed” for recreational reasons and personal purging, we all want readers to dig us. Why else would we go “public”? And if we can perhaps cultivate a “following” and make money with our “babies” in the process, that’s all the better.

Here’s the problem. Unlike other forms of writing there are no universal, consistent rules that serve as a blue print on blogging. It isn’t a perfect science. So we learn as we go.  Still, with so many blogs saturating the blogosphere and competing for online attention, it’s important to make a memorable impression and find a system that works for our goals and styles of expression.

To shorten your learning curve, and improve your online image, here are a few lessons I’ve picked up along the way. These tips I’ll share today will help you objectively assess whether or not your site has the potential for success and whether it’s “book mark” worthy.


1. Conversational tone and personality

Blogs, much like books, should connect with the reader and expand his horizons. Do those who provide feedback through comments reference your sense of humor? Say that they’ve learned something helpful? Come back and visit time and time again? These are clues that you’re on to something.

2. User friendly design

Is your blog easy to navigate and simple to leave comments on? Do you have labels, tags, and categories that classify your content? Can visitors drop by and quickly post a comment without technical difficulties, having to register first, or pledge their first born?

3. Guest Bloggers

Are your readers periodically presented with different styles of writing and perspectives through other’s words and works? Remember that variety is the spice of life.

4. Is your Blog devoted to a particular niche area that’s clearly identifiable?

Though opinions may vary on this, most readers want to have consistent content that addresses their needs in a particular area. Unless your Blog is strictly for personal reasons, it should have a prevailing theme and a specific target audience.

5. Visual appeal

 Are the colors, photos and font styles attractive and easy to read even for those who may not have 20/20 vision? Are your posts free of typos and grammatical areas?

If you answered “yes” to 4 or more of these questions, your Blog is indeed “book mark” worthy. Congratulations!

Guest author Jennifer Brown Banks is a veteran freelance writer, columnist and Blogger. Her guest posts have bneen featured on several popular blogs. She blogs at: You can also write guest articles here and share your blogging tips.

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