Facebook Beats Google: Now Most Visited Website in US

Facebook has topped Google yet again to become the most visited website for the week in the US! You thought no one could beat Google in terms of traffic.

Hitwise says “Facebook.com recently reached the #1 ranking on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day as well as the weekend of March 6th and 7th.” If you see the merging graphs, it seems clear Facebook traffic has clearly overtaken Google traffic in the US and is set to rise further.

Facebook Beats Google Traffic


  1. mike says:

    wow let see how social networking can change the internet.

  2. managed vps says:

    google still number one, look at alexa ranking. google is number one and facebook at second places. Yahoo down to four.

  3. John Anderson says:

    I’m surprised facebook has managed to maintain this actually. Once google’s social network comes out though i think things may changed, especially since facebook has had a few privacy issues. The battle between facebook and google in the future is going to be interesting.

  4. Facebook Themes says:

    How accurate is HitWise in predicting statistics? When it comes to sites like Facebook and Google it is a little more difficult to track their visitors especially from a third party. I believe only Facebook and Google know their true amount of visitors.

  5. Group Transporation Services says:

    Facebook beats google its not be clear yet, I think google is best for its performance.

  6. Premium Themes says:

    Some people tells the Facebook beats Google but the truth is majority of all the people in earth uses Google.

  7. Nikola Tesla says:

    first I loved Facebook, but now I am afraid what future will Facebook bring…

  8. Laren Galloway says:

    ahh, it came so fast… don’t know what life will have our kids after Facebook! wish it can be like before…

  9. facebook says:

    Facebook beats google its not be clear yet, I think google is best for its performance..

  10. Facebook Likes says:

    facebook will never beat google there pr10 they basicly own the internet

  11. Kraljica juga says:

    where I can find newer statistics?

  12. Remis Ejecutivo says:

    Its a nice battle. Everybody uses Facebook and google almost everyday! I think if i have to choose one company .. its a hard one .. but i will go with google

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