Play IPL T20 Fever: Official IPL Facebook Cricket Game

Have you played the IPL Cricket Facebook game? Now visit IPL T20 Fever by Indiagames, labeled the official game of the Indian Premier League and get a realistic, entertaining experience of IPL T20 cricket online now. Its the one of the best IPL games online.

ipl t20 facebook game

Play IPL T20 Fever

Of course you need a Facebook account to get started and then you can create your own DLF IPL T20 Team by selecting your facebook friends as a part of your team. You can also buy professional cricket players to make your team more powerful and enjoy the IPL experience! You can submit your High score and win cool prizes every week (Grand winner gets an Apple iPad!)

This video preview below shows how the game looks like

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  1. Karan Daswani says:

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  2. RAHUL says:

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  14. Nabeel Ahmed says:

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  15. P.James says:

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  16. fahad taqee says:

    it is very fabulous game for children.

  17. fahad taqee says:

    its nice to see screenshots.

  18. rohit says:

    very good game

  19. Usama says:

    plz I want to play this game

  20. Melvin Thomas says:

    nice game…. excellent….

  21. amirali says:

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  22. krishna says:

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  27. shubham says:

    best game ever

  28. rajat says:

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  29. Razal says:

    Nice play

  30. prayag says:

    its a perfect game now days !!

  31. devaprasad says:

    please allow me to play this game

  32. Abhishek Dutta says:


  33. rishav baidya says:

    it’s really ahot game…..!!!!!

  34. rehab says:

    i wish i play Play IPL T20 Fever plese

  35. Faisal says:

    this is a great game.

  36. Nehrujan says:

    This is my favourite game in world

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