Godrej GoJiyo: SecondLife Comes to India

Godrej will soon launch GoJiyo, which seems like a SecondLife version for India. Go Jiyo features interesting promos which will introduce people to “a world where flying, teleportation and time travel are routine”.

Here is the promo video for GoJiyo going live now

A countdown on the site shows Go Jiyo will launch in about 5 days. How Godrej plans to integrate their brand products with social media tools and GoJiyo will be interesting. Will GoJiyo replace SecondLife as prefered virtual destination for the Indian youth? … wait for a few more days to find out.

Get ready to believe in a new world. Your life will change. Preregistration is open.


  1. abilash says:

    gojiyo will never beat secondlife…besides why would we want to meet the same indians in the virtual world again..

  2. amandeep says:

    i think that it’s amazing.godrej complete my one of beautiful imagination

  3. hardik says:

    i think its a sincere effort by godrej but not in par to second life
    we are far behind to second life.

  4. nitin says:

    first let me know what you all think about second life…
    i observed everybody’s answer…many of you will be right also but its according to how you are interpreting second life…its the very perspective which caused the divergence of opinions…do let me know what you think about the second life..

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