All Airtel Broadband Users Get Free Upgrade to View IPL Online

All Airtel broadband users got a free 2Mbps Upgrade to allow easy viewing of IPL Cricket matches on Youtube. Airtel is the official broadband sponsor of Cricket on Youtube and this news should allow all Airtel broadband users to view cricket matches online easily.

Airtel free upgrade

If you want a Live TV experience, slow internet connections like the 256kpbs (which are called broadband in India) can barely stream videos and load Youtube videoes quickly. 2Mbps internet speeds will allow seamless viewing and easy video streaming.

Here are some FAQ you need to know…

1. How to upgrade my broadband connection?
The 2 Mbps speed is an automatic upgrade for all Airtel broadband customers.

2. Will the 2Mbps work on all websites?
Here is the catch. The higher internet speed will only work on the IPL Youtube channel

3. How long will my broadband connection stay upgraded?
Till the IPL lasts – from 12th March to 25th April.

4. I am on a higher broadband plan, will my speed change?
All others site customers will get their current plan speeds.

5. Will Youtube IPL streaming add to my internet data usage?
Streaming on youtube will be added to your data transfer limits in your broadband tariff plan. So if you have a limited data transfer plan, then watch out as the data will add up quickly and then you will need to pay on actual per MB download basis which can be huge.

6. I am not getting 2 Mbps bandwidth?
They say there is no guarantee and is dependent of traffic.

7. Why are other Youtube videos loading slowly as before?
2 Mbps upgrade is only for live cricket streaming on page and not for other YouTube videos.


  1. Waatv Search New Videos says:

    Free 2Mbps Upgrade is a money grab from Airtel so I am an Indian who loves cricket for why not watch on TV? Costs less and is clearer than any web site including the live streaming from Youtube. A one hour streaming can easily cost a viewer unimaginable amount of money for an internet connection. So I’d be very careful if I were you! and everyone who loves cricket! Just watch it on TV! don’t get caught with the hype!

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Thats right. Even one hour of 2Mbps streaming can seriously cost you if you are on a limited data transfer plan.

    • Jishnu says:

      Hey!!! No one persuaded you to watch in internet. First of all taking a limited connection is crappiest idea a person can think. So i don’t want to argue much.

  2. Shaurya Varma says:

    Thats great….since i have an unlimited data usage plan…Cheers to IPL!!! :) :) :)

    • Moby says:

      It works, not buffering while watching live match. No worries with data usage since I’m in unlimited plan apart from the FUP crap.

  3. Bhanu says:

    Sad its not working for me >_<
    im using airtel

  4. Norsk Bredbaand says:

    My first broadband experience wasn’t palatable at all. I had to keep on calling the Service Center of my provider several times to no avail. This made me to change my broadband provider at a time I least thought of doing so.

  5. Rakesh mahato says:

    I want free airtel broadband

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