Download Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 Touch Devices

Now you can download Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 for any Windows Touch capable devices. Earlier Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 was only available for OEMs to put on new Windows 7 PCs capable of Windows Touch, now if you have a Windows Touch capable device, you can download it separately also.

The Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 was first introduced last May to help people learn touch gestures. It includes 3 games and 3 Microsoft Surface applications for multi-touch enabled displays running Windows 7.  The Touch Pack includes:

  1. Microsoft Blackboard – physics game to solve a puzzle by creating a fanciful machine on a blackboard.
  2. Microsoft Garden Pond – a game that takes place in serene Japanese water gardens.
  3. Microsoft Rebound – a game to control Tesla spheres with an electrical field to hit balls into your opponent’s goal.
  4. Microsoft Surface Globe – explore the earth as a flat 2-D map or an immersive 3-D experience.
  5. Microsoft Surface Collage – explore and interact with your photos and arrange them as a desktop background.
  6. Microsoft Surface Lagoon – a screen saver and interactive water simulation, with meditative rock arrangement and a playful fish.

Download Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7. Remember the download is available only to customers running genuine Microsoft Windows and need a computer or monitor that supports Windows Touch (at least 2 touch input support required).

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