How My Google AdSense Hold Got Removed

How I got my Google Adsense hold removed? Last month I had shared my own experience with Google AdSense here at QOT. The post received many comments and new publishers were anxious to know more about the issue.

I am back again but this time with good news. Do you want to know what happened after my account was put on hold for the nonsubmission of PIN?

CoinsFor those who don’t want to go back and read the whole story – My Biggest Mistake with Google AdSense, here is a quick recap…

Unverified PIN/Phone

I was expecting my 1st paycheck from Google AdSense as I was about to reach the payout threshold. But last month on May 17, I was shocked to find only Public Service Advertisements (PSAs) on my blog. I logged into my AdSense Account & found the following message:

“ Your pages are displaying Public Service Advertisements (PSAs) because you haven’t yet verified your PIN and/or phone number. See the Payment History page for more details ”

After exploring a bit into my account, I also ‘discovered’ that 4 months back they had sent the PIN to my payment address. I requested a fresh PIN on May 17. I didn’t receive it and requested it again for the last and final time on June 8. I didn’t receive the PIN till June 14.

Conatact  AdSense Support

Though there’s no direct way to reach Google AdSense support, there’s definitely a process in place. Fortunately, they had activated a button named something like Contact Support on June 14. I pressed that button and I was surprised to find a reply from the Google AdSense Support team on the very next day.

The Support team has provided two options:

  1. To review the payment address and rectify it (if any error) or change the address completely.
  2. To reply that AdSense mail with attached scanned documents of address proof (for communication address mentioned in the account)

I was 100% confident that the address mentioned in the AdSense account was accurate and working. So, I opted for the second option. The 2nd option had the following details:

“You can respond to this email and attach scanned proof of your payee name and mailing address as provided in your account. Some examples of valid proof include driver’s license, passport, government issued identity card, etc. Please note that we will not accept IDs with handwritten contact information, and the information printed on your ID must be in English.”

I enclosed a scanned copy of:

  • Passport.
  • PAN card.
  • Bank Insurance premium payment receipt.

Though the passport was enough to verify my identity as it contained the same Payee Name and Payment address as mentioned in my AdSense account.

Then why did I enclose the other two documents? Because, the passport was handwritten, I was a bit skeptical about its acceptance as the support team had clearly mentioned they won’t accept handwritten IDs.

Adsense Account  Activated

Thankfully after two days, on June 17, I received the following mail:

“Thanks for your email. After verifying your ID proof, I am happy to let you know that I have manually overridden your PIN requirement and you won’t be required to enter another PIN for this account in the future.”

And exactly after 1 month, the regular AdSense Ads were appearing in my account.

Remove Tax Hold

One more tip: After the removal of the PIN hold, you must check your account to check if you have removed the Tax hold. For non-US citizens, it’s just a formality as they don’t need to submit anything but they do need to go through a few multiple-choice questions, and finally write their name and Submit. Entering your name and submitting is equivalent to signing the agreement.

Now my Google AdSense account is free of any hold and earning $$$.

Guest author Basant Narayan Singh is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. He writes about cloud computing service and web technology at and recently wrote about India Based Cloud Computing Service Providers. Image credits to pfala under CC license. You can also share your Adsense tips and guestblog on QOT.

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