8 Major Causes of Failure For A Blogger

Why do blogger’s fail? It is indeed heart-breaking when we try and try, then fail. Many bloggers start off with starry aims to achieve huge readerships and visualize the cart loads of money they will make. The image alone is quite attractive, but unfortunately we find that only a very small percentage of bloggers actually succeed.

In this post there are the 8 major causes of failure, the roots of which can be traced to almost every blogger reading this. So see for yourself which point among these is standing between your bridge to success online. Our objective should be to eliminate these causes of failure.

The 8 Major Causes of Failure are:

1. Extreme desire of “Something For Nothing”

The gambling instinct in so many people makes them ineffective bloggers and becomes a major cause of failure. Too many bloggers are more driven with a need to hit the jackpot without any input from their own side. Evidence can be seen in the huge number of people who are scammed of thousands of dollars every day. These internet scams with their get-rich-quick schemes have duped many people with the lure of millions of dollars to them.

2. Wrong Selection of a Niche

No blogger can succeed in an endeavor which he does not enjoy. The most important part of any blog is its blog author. If the author does not like his niche, failure is inevitable. A person must be ready to commit himself wholeheartedly into the blog and work till it become successful.

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3. Over-Caution

The person who takes no chances generally has to take whatever is left-over after others have chosen. Most bloggers either go in for over-caution or under-caution. It is vital that you guard yourself against both these extremes.

Over-caution will cause you to lose out on a lot of opportunity that could have been grabbed by you to progress your blog. Bloggers who earn a good income online and still practice over-caution will generally become obscure even before they know it. Life gives rewards to those who take chances and over-caution will only yield failure to you.

4. Lack Of Self-Discipline

Self-mastery is perhaps the hardest job you will tackle while blogging. There is a very popular saying, “If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self“. You must practice good self-control to succeed as a blogger.

As a blogger you must write an article even when your mind is blank and you simply do not want to type a word, you have to respond to emails even if you don’t want to. So you will find that you can become your own best friend or worst enemy as a blogger.

5. Inability to Aim Above Mediocrity

There can be no hope offered to a person as a blogger if he is satisfied with a few dollars that he generates from his blog. This inability to aim above mediocrity causes you to restrict your own potential. Ambition is what the driving force for a blogger should be. Lack of ambition along with the inability to aim above mediocrity can never make a blogger successful.

6. Weak Persistence

Blogging is a very competitive field. From a college student to big corporate companies are starting their blogs to earn readership and make money off the internet. If you want to break into this hyper-competitive fields where you have to face competition at all levels then you must be persistent.

Most of us are good “starters” but poor “finishers”. When we see something tough coming up in our way, we quickly back out, this is where persistence is important. Lack of persistence is a major cause of failure for many bloggers.

7. Guessing Instead of Thinking

Most of us are too lazy to sit down and research facts before coming to a conclusion about any particular decision. We rely on “hunches” or impulse decisions most of the time. If you are someone who makes guesses when you are deciding something then you are greatly decreasing the growth rate of your blog. As a blogger it is important you learn all the facts, be it SEO, content writing or domain selling.

8. Intentional Dishonesty

There is no substitute to the integrity of a person. And as a blogger you must have truck-loads of honesty. Especially, because you are responsible to provide a lot of information that people are looking for. There is no future for a dishonest person. Sooner or later the blogger will be punished with lost reputation and find that all he had built up is gone.

Your objective should be to eliminate these causes of failure and achieve the full potential which is inside of you.

Guest Author Vivek Krishnan maintains a blog CollegeFallOut for internet entrepreneurs and bloggers. This blog provides advice and inspiration to budding internet entrepreneurs through interviews, case-study analysis and effective blogging tips. You can also share your blogging tips and do guestblogging here.

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