5 Great Ways to Create the Best Internet Business In the World!

Want to create the Best Internet Business in the World? The Carlsberg Group official website claims that it is “probably the best website in the world!” But what is the “best website in the world”? What would it have on it? For that matter, what would be the “best internet business” in the world?

Boy, wouldn’t we all love to know. Imagine how much money the owner of the best website would make! These are the types of questions that you need to ask yourself when starting an online business.

If you want ‘probably the best internet business in the world’, here is what you need to offer on your site:

1. Offer Massive Value

Value. You must provide your visitors with value. Not only will they share your site with others through Twitter, Facebook, Stumbled Upon, Digg, forums, etc, but they will feel valued, will come to trust you, will know that you will always give more than you get and will become lifetime customers.

Remember it’s always easier to market to a current customer than find a new one! Also, a site with a lot of value ranks highly in Google. Google loves sites with tons of unique, quality content!

2. Ensure Your Content is Unique and of Good Quality

Quality Content. Everybody always says to include “quality content” on a site, but what exactly does it mean? The problem that many new internet marketers face is creating unique content that nobody has ever seen before. This is especially true for saturated markets, such as the weight loss and relationship niches.

What you need to do is try to create articles, ebooks, videos, etc, consisting of fresh ideas. Try introducing some brand new ideas to the niche! Also, be yourself, there is nothing more unique than YOU! So, as you come across other ideas and systems already out there, put it into your own words or voice and make it unique to you!

3. Have a Good Looking Website

Great layout. Of course, the best website in the world would have a nice layout. Now, you don’t want to go overboard with the graphics – too many of them will only crash people’s browsers. Choose a professional, yet inviting web template, and create a site with easy navigation. Make sure everything is interlinked appropriately to make it easy for visitors to get around.

Also make sure you include call to actions on each page. Let your visitor know what it is you want them to do. Give them a guiding hand through your site, making it easy for them to a) find what it is they’re looking for and b) find what it is you want them to find.

4. The Customers Always Right!

Top-notch customer service. If you’re going to be selling products or offering services, you need to make it easy for visitors to contact you. Give potential customers at least two or three different ways of getting a hold of you (email, phone, address) and make sure you answer all questions and comments in a timely manner.

Always be friendly and supportive with your responses. If you’re too busy to deal with all your customer contact, outsource this hugely important role to a reputable virtual assistant. They are worth their weight in gold!

4. Make it Easy to Buy From You

Easy payment process. Want to sell something? Make it easy for people to do so. You would not believe the amount of sites that make it so hard to buy you give up mid order!

Provide them with a few different methods of paying. Make the shopping cart easy to use and understand. If you want to be an affiliate, only sign up with companies that offer an easy-to-use shopping cart. Also, make sure that the delivery process goes smoothly.

5. The Purpose of Business – To Create and Keep a Customer!

Good customer relationship management (CRM). Getting customers is one thing, keeping them is another thing entirely. Always keep track of your customers and follow-up after every order. Handle all feedback in a professional, yet friendly manner.

If they agree to join your mailing list, send out regular updates on all the latest deals and make them feel part of something. There is nothing better for creating raving fans out of your customers, than making them feel a valuable part of your community.

If you can do all of this, then probably you just might create the best internet business in the world!

Here, have a toast and celebrate!

Guest Article written by Jo Barnes. If you want to discover Jo’s No 1 Secret to Making Money Online then download her fantastic interviews with top internet marketing guys in the world right now at startyourbusinesssmartly.com/freevideos.

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