Beware of Rogue Facebook Apps [Video]

Rogue Facebook apps are targeting innocent Facebook users to disclose personal information to provide access to view shocking videos. Since this so called ‘Facebook worm’ changes the status page of affected Facebook users, it is spreading virally across Facebook. So beware of Facebook scams.

Don’t click untrusted links on Facebook status messages on your friends Wall. Graham Cluley from Sophos has created a cool video explaining how these Facebook apps work to steal your Facebook personal details, and how you can completely remove them.

Don’t click on any link on Facebook you don’t trust. And if any Facebook app asks for authorization to perform various tasks, allow only if you absolutely trust the app to properly use your data.

Facebook is great for social networking, but be aware of how Facebook scams and bad Facebook apps work. Join our Facebook page to stay updated about Facebook scams and share this with your friends.

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