How to Create a Killer Video for Your Opt-in Page

Create a killer video for your Opt-in page. If you’re using video on your squeeze page then good for you! Not only will it increase conversions, but you’re starting to create a relationship with your audience right off the bat!

It’s important to get it right though. It’s no good putting lots of effort into making a video if it’s going to have the opposite effect and actually turn your audience off!

Here are some great tips to ensure you make a killer video for your squeeze page.

1. Consider Your Background

When you record your video, make sure you have a nice background, a clear wall, a nice view, don’t have laundry hanging over your radiator (obvious I know!), or record it in your box bedroom with loads of paper and rubbish all over the shelves behind you (I saw that recently – very distracting). Make sure the focus is on you!

2. Engage People

A videographer told me recently, don’t record video from above or below, ensure it’s eye to eye. What you’re trying to do is engage people and generally when you talk to people you’re eye to eye (give or take a couple of inches based on your height!).

So place the camera in line with your eyeline and make full eye contact with your lens. (Anyone who saw the recent British election campaign will remember the effect Nick Clegg had by looking directly down the camera lens at the British public). People want to feel you’re talking directly to them.

3. Beware the Unintentional Disconnect

Don’t do or say anything that distracts from the purpose of your message, which is to get the person watching to opt in. If you’ve spent 2 minutes telling your audience the benefits of your product and then at the end you just throw an irrelevant comment in (maybe it’s funny, maybe it’s about you, maybe it’s about the weather), at that moment you’ve just broken the pattern you’ve been creating for 2 minutes and in that split second you unintentionally disconnect them.

Right up to the end make sure you’re telling them how much your product / service can help them and point them towards the opt in box.

4. Tell Them What You Want Them To Do

Following up from No 3 – give your audience direct instructions on what to do next. Tell them – What you’ve got for them, How it will benefit them and What they should do next.

Point at your opt in box and ASK for their name and email (or email if that’s all your asking for) – at least 2 or 3 times (without overkill or threatening them! :))

5. Highlight Benefits not Features

Ensure you talk about the benefits not the features – for example a feature might be – ‘this is a 50 video ecourse with over 10 hours worth of content’, the benefit is – ‘I’m going to teach you how to cook the most amazingly scrumptious ‘no fat’ chocolate muffins, step by step that will amaze your friends and family, make you the most popular person in your neighborhood, help you lose 20lbs and make your kids really well behaved forever! (all in a 50 video ecourse with over 10 hours worth of content).

Get it? (By the way, if anybody has got that product can they let me know!)

6. Keep It Short & Punchy

Keep it fairly short. People are generally pushed for time and have got a short attention span. An Opt in video should be 2 – 3 minutes at most. Get in there, get your message across and get out – don’t waffle!

7. Don’t Waffle on About YOU!

Talk about your product / service, not about YOU! In the first opt in video I ever did, I spent 5 minutes talking about my personal journey. When an IM friend of mine looked at that, he was practically snoring 3 minutes in!

As lovely as you are, people don’t give a hoot about you, all they care about is WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). I know we all love a good rags to riches story, but save that for your stage career and a captive audience with time on their hands.

8. Get Excited!

Finally. Be enthusiastic! This is your first sale – getting the opt in. Believe in what your telling people. Believe in your product/service and talk about it as if you were telling a best friend that they absolutely MUST see/have/use it, as it will truly help them. If you don’t believe in it – don’t promote it! (That’s just my humble opinion).

I hope that helps anyone looking to use video in their squeeze page. Happy video making! :)

Guest Article written by Jo Barnes. If you want to discover Jo’s No 1 Secret to Making Money Online then download her fantastic interviews with top internet marketing guys in the world right now at You can also write guest articles and share your Facebook tips.


  1. ashwin says:

    i dont think these tips are enough, these are just known natural things that comes in your mind. but great efforts.. expected some more tips, but these just facts.

  2. Mathew says:

    This is really the greatest thing going right now. I have started to put them on my pages but, I must be doing it completely wrong because I have not seen the increase that I thought it would give. I am glad that I ran into your page. This may be what I needed to help change my results. Thanks.

    • Jo says:

      Hi Mathew,

      As i just said in another reply I posted, by putting the above in place – last week! I increased my conversion rates on one of my opt in pages from 12% to 47% overnight!

      I really hope they help.


  3. Jo says:

    Hi Ashwin, Thanks for your comments.

    Clearly you’re very experienced. I say that as these tips are born very recently from some similar and big mistakes I made with my own videos.

    So whilst I agree that some of these are common sense, sometimes if you’re a new video maker and/or nervous, it’s very easy to forget the basics and create videos that don’t follow these rules. Just by changing one of my videos and ensuring I had all the above in place I increased the opt in rate on one of my squeeze pages from 12% to 47% overnight.

    It would be great though, to know what sort of tips you’d like me to include for future articles.

    Thanks very much!


    • Caroline @ killer video says:

      That’s an interesting tip you just gave. Please tell me, can I use my phone camera to shoot the video?

  4. Tinh says:

    Keep it short with well-structured steps would be a MUST. No one like watching long videos without key points. Thanks

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