10 Best Instant Search Tools Online

Instant Searches are the future of search. Instant Search Tools for many popular web services have been created in the last few days by amazing developers using API processes. Here are the few best ones…

Best Instant Search Tools Online

1. Google Instant –  So this is what started the whole instant search business. If it is still not active on Google.com in your country, you can try it now.

2. Youtube Instant –  Just start typing a search term and you instantly get the Youtube video for the term which starts playing. Since there are no video viewing options, click the Youtube button to visit the video page on Youtube. More similar ones like Instatube – Youtube Instant Search, which lists the search results quickly.

Youtube Instant Search

3. WikiInstant –  searching Wikipedia was never so easy. Simply type the search term, and the Wikipedia page for the term opens up. Never visit Wikipedia again.

4. Twitter Instant –  get Twitter search results as you type. Twitter searches faster than ever before.

Twitter Instant Search

5. Google Maps Instant –  As you start to type your address, watch the location come live on Google maps instantly. No need to browse aimlessly around the world maps.

6. Google Images Instant –  The new faster way to browse images online. The images will be displayed even before you complete your search query.

Instant Image Search

7. Flickr Instant –  The new way to browse Flickr Images online. Type the search term, and the images are there for you to enjoy.

8. iTunes Instant – is a web-based iTunes search engine that delivers instant music results on a clean interface.

9. RSS Instant – Feediop is an instant RSS browser. Just type your blog name and see the search results appear.

10. App Store Instant –  an instant search to find over 250,000 iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad applications in the App Store. Now more websites will catch the trend.

11. Instant Live Search –  if you thought Google Instant was fast, Bing API results are also super fast.

If you know of a great new Instant Search tool, let us know in the comments, and we will add it here.

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